Food Shopping a la Primal Dawn

We’re broke, people. No way around it. I have a method for food shopping. And no, we don’t do the all organic, hippie happy meat, cruelty free stuff anymore. Cannot afford it. I do what I can do. And what I do is…..we have 4 grocery stores within a 4 mile radius (at least). One has such great prices on produce. Seriously. One store has red peppers on sale for 2.99 a pound, and this store has them for 99 cents a pound! And it’s like that for most of their produce. They also cater to the large hispanic and ethnic population in the area so you can find large bunches of herbs for great prices and exotic stuff too. The other store we like to shop at has great prices on all the other stuff. The sale flyers come in the mail on Thursday, and I circle the things I’m interested in or that we need. Then I write it all out, eliminating things here and there to shave down the budget. I don’t buy things if they aren’t a good price (on sale!). We dont’ NEED fruit snacks. I will by the good ones when they go on sale. End of story. We won’t die without that almond milk this week. Wait til next week. A few items I am brand picky about. Everything else, price wins over all! We’re having a bit of a struggle sticking to the budget (ahem….Slandur!!!), but we’re getting him trained. Stick to the list. That’s the mantra.Stick to the list.

Last night’s dinner: Roasted chicken with potatoes, carrots, and onions. I like to put the veggies in the oven in a separate dish, then drizzle the chicken fat over them as everything cooks. My secret for juicy meat and crispy skin: start the bird out at about 450f!! Yes! It may smoke a little as the fat starts to drip a bit, but then turn it down to about 350f after about 45 minutes, let it cook the rest of the way and you will have that yummy crispy skin that you will cut someone for. Seriously. Slandur and I stood over it, fresh out of the oven, and picked all the skin off. He had one side, I had the other. That’s the trick with skin. You have to eat that shit fast or it goes all mushy. So eat it as an appetizer at the counter in the kitchen like we do. The roasted veggies need to have lots of brown on them. Don’t take them out too soon. You want almost burnt. Almost.

Tonight’s dinner is probably going to be a crustless quiche/frittata type thing. I have some cheese here, and might do a caramelized leek in it too. So many good things to throw in a quiche. Leftovers like taco meat, broccoli and ham, cheddar and bacon…..get creative! I’ll let you know how it came out.

The diet is coming together, everyone. We’re all packing our lunches and taking portable breakfasts to work/school. I like leftovers for lunch. Cold gluten free spaghetti, string cheese, gluten free bars (I am currently liking a Caramel Apple one, I forget the brand), Activia yogurt…..all good stuff for lunches. I’m not even worrying too much about sugar right now. Just heading in the right direction. Breakfast can be leftovers too. I need to be able to eat it while driving. Thinking of making some egg muffins or a breakfst cookie. There are a lot of good recipes out there.

Next up after the diet is dialed in……Duh duh duh……exercise!!! I’m going to try DDP yoga maybe. Going to. Some day. I swear. I’m counting sex as a physical activity.If you’re doing it right, your heart rate should go up. Right? Right? Riiiiiight? Okay, maybe it doesn’t count. For now, I’ll take it!

Til next time, PD out.