Primal Dawn, the Re-Boot

Hello there, everyone!! *crickets*

Hmmm…..yes, there may be a few less reading now. Or none. I’m hoping all of you (and more) will join me again in this journey. What can I say? Where to start?

Maybe just jumping in to where I am now, then we can work our way back and explain some things. I’ve moved. I live in a big house with Slandur, my boyfriend, and T-Lo (who is about to turn 8, pinch me!!!) lives with me. J has moved in with his father because the school district is much better. It is good and bad all at once. I miss him terribly.

I have not kept up my hardcore paleo/primal diet for years now. A break up and mental issues will do that, not to mention that I lived alone in a studio apartment for a year and cooked mostly for myself. I gave up!! One of my many goals for this year included getting my diet back to a good place. And writing more. Well, what better way to keep  myself accountable AND get to write than to re-boot this blog!!!!

So here she is again, Primal D in all her glory. Join me. Point and laugh. Make suggestions. Try my recipes. Share yours. I can say that since I fell off the blogging planet, paleo and primal has become such a trend!! Who knew we all got in on that ground floor, huh?

I am so looking forward to reconnecting, sharing, and geeking out about science and food here with you guys. Hit me up and tell me what kinds of things you’d like to see,or to tell me what you’ve been up to while I was away. I bet there are tons of fun stories here.

Signing off again, not forever, (promise)