New Obsession and Toying With The Diet

The Elimination Diet has worked out nicely with T-Lo. His teachers and therapists have noticed a difference. I have noticed too. We have started to add back dairy, as that was the toughest to do without. I started out with some string cheese, and now we are doing some homemade yogurt a few times a week. I think we will stay with the almond milk, though, as straight milk seems to be a trigger for a lot of things and quite unnecessary anyway. We did get our ADHD diagnosis for him (insert sad face), but it is just a label to help him in the long run, as he needs to continue his physical and occupational therapy. I’ve been in touch with the principal of his kindergarten that he’ll go to next year, and he is ready to put him in a regular class with some concessions such as fidget toys or being able to stand or walk around when he needs to. I am very pleased with the whole process.

I have been reading about the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet, and I made a half-assed attempt at it, but I don’t think I was realistic about how to do it. I made tons of bone broth (yum!) and I got up to about stage 3, and I just can’t get my butt together to do this 24/7. I am going to re-group and try again soon. I have hope that maybe it might help me with my mental health. I have bipolar, depression, and anxiety problems, and if I can get off of any of my meds by using food, I would do an “Oh So Happy Dance”!!! I will post links and more info on the appropriate page later. I’m once again stymied in my Android editing skills lol….

In other exciting news: I joined a roller derby team!!! Today was my first practice. 2 hours long! Ouch. I fell on my ass about 6 times. I’m sure I will have some lovely bruises there soon. I loved the comradery, the girls were friendly and welcoming, and I felt like I belonged. And hellooooo…’s an aggressive, ass-kicking sport!!! You know that Primal Dawn loves to kick her some ass! Can’t wait to knock some bitches down. And then celebrate with them later 😀 I am so out of shape. The 2 hours was very long for me. I think I will try to remedy this with nutrition next time. I have never been a big eater before exercise. I like to work out fasted. However, 2 hours of hardcore drills is a bit long, so I may need to figure out what will sustain and help me. And I have a cool derby name, but I can’t tell anyone until I can claim it as my own. I don’t want anyone to swipe it!!!

I made my first duck last week! It was soooo effing good. I only ate some of the meat. I’m a crispy skin girl. Mr. Dawn and I are like Jack Sprat and his wife in the nursery rhyme. He will eat no fat and I will eat no lean! I love crispy chicken skin, and so when I got hold of the duck skin, I was in heaven with a capital H. It was a great recipe. I did a very slow process. You roast at 300f for 4 hours! Score a diamond pattern just into the skin (not the meat). Salt. Poke with a knife into the fat, again not the meat. Roast for one hour. Then flip and poke again. Roast for one hour again. Then flip and poke. Repeat for the total of the 4 hours. Then make a glaze. I used a mixture of molasses, orange juice concentrate, soy sauce, and some other goodies. Brush on and crank the heat up to 400f for 20 minutes. I swear you will wanna smack yo mama it’s so good!! The glaze was a bit of a treat, but I’m sure next time I can work something else out. It was my first duck. I also got a whole jar of lovely duck fat to roast veggies in and use for eggs and stuff. So good!!!!

So that’s PD’s world. What’s new in yours? Oh, gosh, I completely forgot to tell you all about our garden and my birthday and my job and…..I got some work to do!!!!