Preoccupied As Of Late

So….once again, I’ve dropped off the face of the primal/bloggy planet.

I am in the midst of handling some things with T-Lo. We just had his last parent-teacher conference before kindergarten. Pros: he’s graduated from speech! No more speech therapy needed! Boy, I could have told you that, and I think honestly so could have most of his preschool. He talks to EVERYONE! And he’s articulate. He has a great vocabulary. He also scored very high cognitively. Which, again, I could have also told you. He is no dummy, that one! He can charm you and make you forget what you were trying to get him to do! Cons: they had cut back his physical therapy (PT) sessions at his last CPSE meeting from 3 to 1, and the scores/results show they made a mistake. What’s a CPSE meeting? Basically, it’s a big meeting where the district and parents and teachers get together and read the reports and decide what the plan is for your kid. So now, we have to push to resume his prior PT sessions. His OT is “meh”. He has made progress in some areas, and less in others.

So our dilemma is that he needs to continue his OT and PT when he goes to kindergarten, and he also needs special consideration/concessions due to his fidgeting and inattentiveness. He has seen a developmental pediatrician about possible ADD/ADHD, but she wasn’t comfortable diagnosing him yet. WELL….he actually needs that paper diagnosis to continue to receive his therapies!!! Talk about having to play the game! *insert eye roll* So now I have to go back to the dev. ped and tell her what we discussed and get the diagnosis (if she’ll do it). He is very borderline.

Now I’ve included the principal of his future kindergarten in the loop and he feels that T-Lo will do well in a regular classroom with special concessions (fidget toys, standing for tests, allowed to get up occasionally and walk around, Lap Buddy). T-Lo is not an aggressive or angry child at all. He’s called The Mayor at his preschool, in fact. He just needs a good teacher who can handle his ants in his pants and not become frustrated with him. He is a sweet boy.

And in the midst of this, we decided to try an Elimination Diet with T-Lo to see if it helped the attention and fidgeting. We are on day 6, and I think I am seeing a little improvement. We give him coffee in the morning, and we’ve cut out soooooo much. Add that to the 3 allergies in his classroom (eggs, nuts, and fish), and he basically gets an acceptable meat and a whole lot of produce!! I can’t send almond milk, he can’t drink regular milk, I don’t want to give him soy milk….it’s been ……interesting. I have been in the middle of cooking dinner a few times and realized, “Oh shit, T-Lo can’t eat this!!!!” and had to scramble to make him something. It’s hard when you have your go-to meals and just go on auto-pilot. I make sure I have some sort of meat defrosted in the fridge at all times for those occasions when I make that mistake. I’ve discovered he actually likes coconut milk yogurt (ewwwww), and that ‘veggie’ cheese they have in the produce section actually has casein (milk protein) in it. Dammitallsomuch lol!!!

So, any ADD/ADHD/SID parents out there have any tips? I would appreciate any tips or tricks!! We’re all in this together, right?

TTFN, PD out!!!!