My ex, with whom I am very friendly and gave me my beautiful J, is Puerto Rican. So at various family gatherings I picked up a few things. I thought I’d share an authentic recipe for tostones, or fried green plantains (platanos). First, you will find 2 types of plantains at the store, yellow and green. For this dish, the greener, the better. The yellow ones are riper and have a sweet flavor, like a cross between a sweet potato and a banana. Plantains also look like bananas. But don’t use bananas. Yuck.


-green plantains (amount can vary, but for Mr. Dawn and I, I usually use 3)

-coconut oil (or whatever oil you like for high heat frying)


Peel plantains. This can be hard. I usually cut the ends off then make a lengthwise slit along the peel on the outer curve of the plantain.

Slice into about 1/2 inch slices.

On medium high heat, heat up enough coconut oil to make a level of about 1/4 inch of oil in the pan. We’re not deep-frying, but be generous!

When it’s nice and hot, place slices in and let them sizzle until lightly toasted, then flip them with tongs and repeat.

Remove tostones from pan and place on cutting board. Use a thick drinking glass and lightly press each tostone into a flatter disk. I don’t really measure, but just smoosh ’em up! Don’t mash them like mashed potatoes, you want individual little lightly smooshed disks.

Place smooshed disks back into hot pan and refry on both sides until nice and crispy and golden brown. Remove to paper towels to drain and salt lightly.

These have a flavor similar to a french fry. Mr. Dawn puts sriracha and ketchup on his, and I use a traditional mojo (“mo-ho”) sauce. Mojo is a blend of garlic, lemon or lime juice, and oil (and a pinch of sauce). It is delicious, and you can find many variations online.

We had vegetarian for dinner tonight and had tostones with big green salads. YUM.


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