Okay, the holidays aren’t all about what you get, but come on, that’s part of what makes it fun!!! I got: 2 cookbooks, a DIY life manual of sorts (yeah, figure that out), another cast iron skillet, an iPod shuffle (my mini was 7 years old), a hoodie, a video game, a prism for the window, makeup brushes, and a train case for my makeup…I’m sure I’m forgetting something but that’s the gist.
I got a generic low carb cookbook. I won’t even bother to give the name, cuz it’s just down and dirty for  me. I’ll pick and choose. However, the other cookbook was the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook. http://paleocomfortfoods.com/ We tried 3 recipes tonight. Not kidding. I did the fish tacos, the coconut flour tortillas, and the super awesome slaw (not sure if that is the name or not, but it was good!). The boys liked the fish and the slaw, but not the tortillas. Mr. Dawn was ‘meh’ on the tortillas too. I’m thinking either they’ll get used to it (they ARE different), or I can use it as a base to tweak to our preferences.

I am ready to Body Rock tomorrow! I’m getting it going. I got Just Dance 2 for the boys’ Wii, so we do that after dinner and it’s fun, but I wanna burn some calories and build some supersexy muscle! Eating has been going well, I haven’t really overdone it or gone un-primal for a few days. And that’s with chocolate in the house, people!!!! Come on, give it up! *revels in cheering*

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