Homemade Bug Spray

I have researched a bit on bug repellant. I hate using toxic, disgusting crap on my kids and on myself. The smell makes me ill, the chemicals make me itch and give me a headache. So, I had posted a bit back on geocaching and my search for bug stuff.

The main components seem to include eucalyptus, tee tree oil, and lavender. There are variations, of course, depending on the specific buggies you are trying to avoid. The main offenders here on Long Island are ticks (including the dreaded deer tick) and moquitoes. I’ve seen cloves and cinnamon work well too. Just do a search to find what works for what you need in your area.

I tried to use baby wipes and douse them in the oils. Those were “okaaay.” But nothing to write home about. We all got a few bites.

Then I invented this recipe: Use your old olive oil sprayer (Misto is the brand I have)!!!! You’re not using it for cooking anymore, are you??? Are you? Well, you shouldn’t, because olive oil gets unstable in cooking. You should only use it raw for salads and dipping.

I put witch hazel in the Misto sprayer. I then put in tons of the oils! Pump it up and spray liberally on your kids skin and clothing, and yourself! It smells great, nobody gets ill or gets a headache and there’s no worry of some dreaded diseases coming down the pike later from DEET or whatever. Try it and let me know what you think!


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