Week’s Menu!!

Ahhh….the weekly menu. I’ve missed you!

Mandarin Monday– Asian salmon and Asian cucumber salad

Torrid Tuesday–Chicken with Cilantro Sauce and some veg of some sort!

Weird Wednesday–Getting adventurous with a Cheddar and Parsnip Soup. I’ve also found a really good plain biscuit recipe that will go great with this soup.

Thick and Creamy Thursday–Swedish Meatballs

Fahgeddaboutit Friday— Crock Pot Beef Roast

Savory Saturday–Chicken Piccata (primal of course, no flour)

That’s what we are eating! Mr. Dawn and I have added a treat dinner on Sundays. I don’t like saying “Cheat Meal”, but there ya go. Lately it’s been Pad Thai. Homemade. Pad. Thai. I found an awesome recipe that actually tastes better than any takeout I’ve had! I made the tamarind juice and everything. It’s so awesome. We don’t always have the dinner, but we allow it if we want something specific.

I’m still having a very hard time with my boys regarding diet. I cannot get the cereal and rice out! They most certainly don’t eat as many refined carbs as their peers, but I struggle so much with this. Everything I try with them is just not working. They get bored and tired of sausage and eggs and they don’t really care for the primal/paleo subs I make. I guess I’m lucky because they are both very healthy, but I really really want to change it. I know I just have to do it and stick with it, whatever the whining or crying or fighting that happens!

Exercise. Where do I begin? Oh, I know where to begin….what exercise?? I was doing Zumba with a friend, then she moved away and I quit because I didn’t know anyone in the gym and I don’t like constant cardio (even though Zumba is fun fun fun!!). I am planning to re-start my Bodyrock.tv workouts every other day, and get more (read: any) hula hooping in.

I think I’m ready to use this Yule season to reassess and reinvigorate my motives and goals for being healthy. No New Year’s resolutions. No big announcements. I’m just gonna make it happen. I know I’m not alone here. Any goals for you? How do you plan on getting there? I have my vision board, and I can light a candle and meditate and focus on what I want. Visualize my hotter bod being strong and healthy. And of course, along with all this vision-y stuff I’ll need to actually get my arse moving!! 😉


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