Life is so busy right now at PD Headquarters. I’ve got 3 classes, 2 of which suck up a LOT of my time. Basically, I’m the parent Monday through Thursday, then Mr. Dawn pinch hits Friday through Sunday because I have to do all of my studying and homework. I hang out downstairs, isolated, and just bang out my homework and study study study.

The 30 Day Primal Challenge? Uh……I didn’t really do it. I was all hopped up, then everything got in the way and I got sidelined. It was not a total loss, however. I did come out the other side with better eating habits and doing more exercise than I was doing (which was none!).

Where are we now? Well….we got our first 1/4 beef from a farm upstate. We did the “home harvest” so the animal was killed on the farm not trucked away and such. I made the first steaks from our cow the other night and oh. my. god. so delicious!!!  J is officially a meat snob. He loved it and is now asking whether the protein in any of his meals is “organic”. He doesn’t get the various distinctions, but he knows the grass fed beef tasted better!

I have been using my crockpot at least once a week, and keeping it mostly simple with a protein (chicken, beef, fish) and a veggie. We’ve been in a bit of a budget crunch, so I’m trying to use produce that is on sale and base the meals around that.

I joined an all-women gym with a friend. I want to do Cross Fit so very much, but at over 100 bucks a month it is really too prohibitive. I have huge issue with this. Cross Fit supposedly uses less equipment and is a back-to-basics style workout, yet it costs 4 times what I’m paying at my local gym. I just don’t thing Cross Fit is truly for everyone at that price. And it’s too bad, because there is a CF facility right by me. But, I do the classes with my friend and although it’s a lot of cardio, it is fun and social and I’ll keep doing it.

So that’s where this Primal mama is right now. Haven’t been packing lunches, haven’t been doing a lot of things….but that’s okay. It’s about the journey not the destination. We’ll get there…..eventually!