Where The Hell Have I Been???

Well, I’ve been getting two small boys up and running on their school/homework/extracurricular routine, and getting myself up and running on classes and exercise. I’m starting the 30 Day Challenge on Mark’s Daily Apple (haven’t figured out the linkies with Android, just google it). So as of tomorrow, I’m dialing in the diet, doing 3 to 5 hours of easy slow movement a week, 2 bodyweight workouts a week, and one all-out sprint a week. I will most definitely be keeping you all posted on how that goes. I’m excited. This is my first Challenge, and I’m looking forward to some comradery and contests and general silliness.

I have been geocaching a lot. I’m only 12 away from my 100th find! I spent yesterday out with C on the east end of the island. We saw lots of sand, surf, boats, and shells. We even got to get all MacGuyver by using boards to get across a particularly swampy area. I think this qualifies as play, judging from all the giggling and fun we have every time we head out for our adventures.

Dinners have been awesome. However, I have to cinch the belt in on my budget for food. Ugh. Turns out, I’ve been spending about 40 bucks too much each week on groceries. I don’t yet have a game plan, and when I do I’ll let you all know. So far, “Don’t spend so much” is as far as I’ve gotten. I guess I have to try to use more of what I have on hand?? But I always spend money on produce!!! How can you have that on hand?? I think I may have to start scoping sales flyers for our local stores, and base my dinner menus on what sort of fresh produce is on sale. That seems soooooo hard though! That seems like a LOT of planning. But, as you know, I’m stubborn and I don’t let stupid things like dinners and menus and budgets punk my ass 😉 I will be victorious.

So, my little corner of the world is just buzzing and humming with activity and possibility. How ’bout yours? Are you living to the fullest? Go outside, stare at some clouds, go play, read, learn, love unconditionally (geez I’m sounding like an inspirational poster here), make mistakes…..I know I make mistakes every day. Work in progress, baby, work in progress……at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

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