I Hate Painting

I hate painting. You know, you start out all fresh and rarin’ to go, and by the end you’re sweaty and dirty and have that damn blue tape stuck on your butt. I had the brilliant idea to paint both of the boys’ rooms. I did J’s first. Since it was summer, I thought I’d just move the furniture out from the walls and do one wall a day. Nice and easy. It would give it time to dry in this humidity, and I wouldn’t have to do any heavy lifting to get stuff out and I wouldn’t need tarps. Well, it took me a week and a half to finish his room, and it looked like a hurricane hit it the entire time. But I finished. It’s a beautiful turquoise-y blue with glossy black trim. Then I decided to get crazy with T-Lo’s room. He picked purple, but his room is dark with just one small window. I didn’t want it to look like a dungeon, so we did opposite walls in a grape purple, and the other two are a pale gray. So pale it just looks white to me. What a pain in the ass. He has a loft bed so I needed help with moving that to the other side of his tiny room. It left me with just enough room to fit around it and paint. It was awkward and hot and it sucked. I just finished and it looks great. I have to take the doors off next weekend and paint those and the door trim, since I didn’t do that yet. It’s been 2 weeks for just T-Lo’s room! So yeah, I hate painting.

And now to completely change gears. Wanna know what we’re eating this week and next week? Here goes:

Monday–Bison Shepherd’s Pie. My own creation and I may post this because it was so good! I started out trying to make sweet potato latkes but they weren’t holding up in the pan, so I scrapped it and saved the mixture. Then I browned up the bison with onions and spices and made a little gravy in it too. I topped it with the sweet potato mixture and it came out awesome! The boys ate it and Mr. Dawn liked it too. Bison was a manager’s special at the grocery store. I picked up 3 pounds for 1.99 a pound!

Tuesday–Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce

Wednesday (today)–Bone in pork chops in a mushroom sauce

Thursday–Colcannon. Our weekly starchy potato allotment. Bacon, potatoes, cabbage, onions, and cheese. Heavenly.

Friday–Mr. Dawn’s favorite: Burgers!



Meatless Monday–Greek Salad

Tzatziki Tuesday–Salmon with tzatziki sauce

Wang Chung Wednesday–Chicken stir fry of some sort

Thrilling Thursday–Bone in Pork Chops…I think maybe breaded with spiced up almond flour? Maybe a compound butter for them as well?

Fromage Friday–Chicken breasts in goat cheese sauce

A quick update on the diet and exercise goals….I’m doing well. I’m down 4 pounds which is nice, but I don’t even really care about the number as much as I care about how I feel. I’ve been feeling like a sloth lately, and it’s nice to feel lighter and peppier. Can’t wait for school to start and get back to some sort of regular routine!!


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