Winding Down or Gearing Up?

I guess both, since summer’s winding down and we’re gearing up for school here at PD headquarters. I start school the 29th, a full week before my boys. Which is very annoying, since Mr. Dawn has to take off from work to watch them while mama gets her academical on. He has the vacation time, so it’s better than hiring a sitter for the week, which would be pricey! I’m going to a new campus this semester for my chemistry class. My school has 3 different campuses, and this will be number 3 for me. The second class (precal 2….again….don’t ask) is at the main campus which I’m totally familiar with, and the last class is online. That last class is also my first official ‘teacher’ class. Intro to Education! Yay for being taught to teach!!

So we are all getting ready. J needs new sneaks and the last bits of his school supply list. I have all my books and notebooks and my favorite mechanical pencils. T-Lo doesn’t need to get ready, he doesn’t have a supply list and he wears a lot of hand-me-downs. I usually pick up a few new things for him, but the first days of school all they wear are their summer stuff anyway, so we’re not in a rush. I also managed to perfect my pencil skirt pattern, so I whipped up a few new ones to rock the pin-up girl look while taking notes and raising my hand to ask relevant questions 😉 Hey, moms need new school clothes too!!

I have to say, this summer I didn’t really play as much as I wanted to. However, I read a lot more than I did last summer, so I accomplished something! I also think that this summer caught me off guard as far as diet and exercise go. It started in June when J had mono, then went steadily downhill from there. I had a few fine moments, but I’d say the 80/20 primal rule was more like 65/35 the past few months. Eek. Not good. I will say though, moving forward, I think better preparation for summer madness is in order next year. I got off track and never really got back on fully. This is another reason I’m looking forward to the school year. I have a set schedule, less junk in the house for the boys (and me), and I’ll be busier with school/studying/chores/activities.

Speaking of activities…..both boys are taking swim classes, J is probably going to start drum lessons, and I’m looking into either acro or some dance lessons for T-Lo. With T-Lo’s energy and pending ADD/ADHD diagnosis, the developmental pediatrician says that more physical activity is the way to keep him (and us) happy and calmer. I know, I know, developmental what? ADD? When did this happen? Long story, but I started noticing some things a few months ago, talked to his school and the district, had a meeting, and voila, here we are. I was going to do a whole post on it, and I may later on, but it’s still sort of new and I haven’t sorted out my thoughts yet.

Well, there you have it. Nothing from me except menus for ages, then BAM, you get a nice little update on how life really is in this crazy house. Enjoy these last days of freedom, ice cream trucks, sunscreen, beaches, barbecues, and kids up your you-know-what 24/7. I know I will.

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