Chicken Week!!!

It’s not really “Chicken Week”, but as I wrote down all this week’s dinners, I noticed chicken popped up a lot!

So how did the first “Primal Dawn Salad Challenge” go? Great, I think. The successes were the grilled chicken Caesar salad, the Greek salad with lamb, and the Papaya Lime Soup. The Caesar dressing was so simple and delicious. I think I’ve found my Caesar dressing for life! No raw eggs in it, either. Not that I care too much, but for the kiddos it’s not too safe. The Greek salad was so good! I ended up using ground lamb and spicing it like my Gyro burgers with garlic, red wine vinegar, and other goodies. My local grocery stores don’t carry much lamb. I couldn’t find any stew meat, just ground lamb and some teeny tiny chops that were pricey and I couldn’t imagine hacking up like 8 of them to make my salad. The papaya lime soup was a little sweet, but not overly so (not dessert-y). T-Lo was the only one who didn’t eat his soup. He doesn’t eat much dinner these days anyway, so no worries. The fail was the Vietnamese salad. The veggie combo was just “okay”, and the poached, shredded chicken was just “okay” too. The killer was the dressing that nobody ate. It had lemon juice and fish sauce and not much else. Very sour and fishy. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

This week’s menus are all first-timers. As in, I’ve never made any of these recipes before and they are all new and ou of our usual comfort zone.

Meatless Raw Monday— Spinach Apple Soup w/ Harvest salad (greens, pear, dried cranberries, etc…)

Slowcooker Tuesday–Stuffed Chile Casserole with grilled chicken boobs…this looks so good, like chile rellenos, which I love!!

Malaysian Wednesday–Grilled Beef salad…this will hopefully be better than our Vietnamese foray

Thai Thursday– Thai Marinated Chicken Chunks and broccoli…simple but I’m hoping delish!

Freaky Friday—Chicken and Artichokes with Garlic Sauce…this is from my Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals. Not really “Freaky”, but I had to come up with something clever 😉

I’ve been working out and I’m not noticing much poundage loss, but I am seeing stronger, tighter thighs. That’s not too bad, right? I’m adding more exercise this week. I’ve been doing the Body Rock TV workouts 3 times a week. This week I’m doing M-W-F Body Rockin’, and then T-TH-and maybe SAT hula hooping!! Yes, the hula hoop is back in action, people! I looooove hula hooping and boxing and karate. I MUST do one of these things!! Maybe doing my hoopdance will unearth some abs. I’m not rockin’ a 6-pack. I have a 2-liter!

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