I’m in the doldrums with this blog right now. I feel like all I do is post menus and kid cuteness. Maybe it’s the summertime distracting me. I’m painting rooms, creating stuff, cooking like a lunatic, and reading a lot.

So, until I can come back with something juicy and worth reading, I’m taking a step back. I don’t think it will last long, but I figured I’d just tell all my wonderful readers (all 4 of you!!).

I will continue to post menus, and so here ya go:

Monday–chili cheese fries….yep, you read that right. Don’t judge. I’m using organic, simple frozen frenchy fries, homemade chili, and lots of cheddar cheese

Tuesday–Salmon with tzatziki sauce and mango gazpacho…..see, we’re making up for Monday with this gourmet meal.

Wednesday–Chicken stir-fry

Thursday–Meatloaf and a caprese salad…picked up fresh basil, plum tomatoes, and smoked mozzarella, should be delish

Friday–Pizza night!!!!

Wow, looking at this menu I’m thinking I’m not making good use of the grill this week!! I’m sure I could grill meatloaf….right??? And we don’t have a fish-basket for the grill yet, so the salmon isn’t a candidate. Hmmmm, maybe next week I’ll challenge myself to use the grill at least twice. Oh, and I forgot I wanted to do a salad challenge this summer too. Just salads for a week. Make a week of awesome homemade dressings, mix up the proteins….nice and cool and crunchy and nutritious! Hey, maybe I do have some things to post!!

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