Spring Chicken?

The title of this post is not about some yummy recipe I’m going to give you. It’s about me. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and I realized this fact this week. I scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees last weekend, and I messed my knee up and couldn’t work out!! It was hurting a lot. I just took acetaminophen and rested it. So weird. I’ve never really felt “old”, but I’m definitely realizing that I ain’t as young as I used to be! The horror! Nah, I don’t really freak about age much, I don’t feel 36, I feel like me. What is 36 supposed to feel like anyway? Who says?? Who cares??

So the workouts were a bust this week, but the diet was at….I’m gonna say, 80%?? Not perfect, but again, if perfect is your thing, have at it, because there’s plenty of perfect to go around. I am not hogging it all up. You are more than welcome to it.

I have still had this creative streak. I saw a picture on pinterest that totally inspired me. It was picture of cherry blossoms against a blue sky. I am trying to do my impression of this. Not a copy, but rather me “doing” cherry blossoms against a blue sky. I’m working on another mask. I’m considering sewing again. I stopped sewing for a little bit because I felt bloated and I didn’t want to make something that would fit me now, then when I’ve been on track for a while would then be too big. But I got a new couch recently and I’m thinking about making a few pillow covers. See, I don’t have to make clothing for myself!

T-Lo is having fun at summer school. He goes for just a half day, but I think it’s so good for him to have that social time and to keep up his skills. It is also nice to have that alone time each day with J. He really enjoys it too. We can hang out playing video games or just reading in the same room. Or, shocker of shockers, go outside and have a catch or walk the dogs or shoot hoops!

I guess that’s it for my little corner of the earth. How is your corner??


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