Week of July 11 Menus

Here’s what we’re eating here this week:

Meatless Monday–Mogul Eggplant from my Gourmet Vegetarian Slow Cooker cookbook….eggplant and yogurt, we’ll see how that goes!

Tuesday–Sloppy Joes and French Fries…request from J and T-Lo…they’ll have buns and we’ll make the fries ourselves

Wednesday–Steak Salad…we have leftover grilled london broil, so I’ll serve it over a bunch of salad veggies

Thursday–Fish Stew…this is an awesome soup made with clam juice and white fish and white wine…YUM

Friday–Chicken with Balsamic Citrus Sauce…from my tattered and splattered Joy of Cooking book. LOVE that book. I feel like every home cook should own that. And the Julia Child French cooking anthology. I don’t have that yet, but a girl can dream……

And we’ve got a request for hamburgers for the weekend. Guess who requested that? If you know, you’re a fan.


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