Family Day



Well, it started as a monthly family dinner thing, but today it’s family lunch and then off to the park to feed ducks and play. It’s usually the first weekend of the month, but last week J was at his dad’s wedding! Yep, J’s dad got married! They did the deed in Central Park with just the officiant, the 4 kids (his 2, her 2), and 2 friends to witness.  So since it’s a family thing, we didn’t do it because the whole family wasn’t here. Makes sense, right?

So J picked where we’re going. He chose TGI Friday’s. One of my favorites, as far as chain places go. I like the salads, and even (shhh) the occasional burger. I know, not very primal of me, huh? And guess what? I don’t give a rat’s ass if the primal police come and take me to primal jail. I will always defend the 80/20 rule, and I will own every morsel that I stuff into my gob. That’s why I don’t usually engage the “holier than thou” discussions about what’s truly primal and if you’re doing this then you’re not really primal and blah blah blah. If being perfect is your thing, go for it, but I’m not. It’s probably the reason why I haven’t lost as much weight as I could have by now, but I need choices that I can live with, not diet dogma. I’ve been there and you feel guilty for eating anything “bad”, and feel awesome for the first weeks when your willpower is strong, then as it fades, so does the diet and you’re left feeling like a failure. I need something that I can continue for the rest of my life.

With that being said, though….guess what I’m having? A salad. I’ve been off track for a while and recently tightened up 20% that was turning into maybe 40%. A nice salad, maybe some wings as an app, and lemon water.

Have you guys ever heard of a snake squash? Me either. But last week, I saw it in the produce department and I just had to try it. I made a casserole thing with some cheese and potatoes. It was pretty good. You have to peel it. The texture inside is like a soft, airier zucchini. I just had to get a shot of T-Lo with it. It was almost as tall as him!!! So if you happen to see a snake squash, give it a try!

The puppies are doing well, if developing the annoying habit of digging. Yep. We’ve got 2 diggers. Their ears get disgusting so we have to wash them once a week or the dirt can cause an infection. But we love them so much! Here’s a shot of Luna looking particularly Marmadukish. She loves to watch out the window. They also cry when one of us leaves. It’s cute, but also kinda sad.


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