I’m just chuggin’ along over here. I have been doing my workouts, eating is better. I am feeling calmer, more energetic.

I’m still feeling like I’m suckin’ ass at these workouts, but I’m sticking to it. I finish, gasping and red-faced and sweaty, and then I feel powerful and awesome. I always work out in the morning, and I’m convinced that it makes my day go better. I feel happier. I guess maybe accomplishing something early in your day makes the rest of the day seem easy. I can’t always get through the entire workout, but I push 100% and I am fine with that. Today I actually finished the whole workout. It was my 6th day of working out since I recommited, and I think the last one I finished completely was on day 3. So workouts 4 and 5 I only did 1/2 to 3/4.

Hey, do you guys want an awesome recipe for brussels sprouts? You do??? Okay here you go:

Take fresh sprouts (about 1 pound), trim off the ends with a sharp knife. Slice in half vertically. Preheat oven to “scorching”, aka 450F, or higher….if you dare. Place sprouts in a roasting pan, then toss with some sort of fat. My favorite is bacon fat. Seriously, I highly recommend the bacon fat. It adds so much more to the dish. But if it’s not your thing, just use whatever your fat of choice is. Pour maybe 2-3 TB of the fat on the sprouts, salt and pepper, a little garlic powder if you want (salt and pepper alone is fine), and toss to coat evenly. Place in your “Oven of Doom”, stirring occasionally, until they are getting dark around the edges. I like mine on the verge of burnt, but cook to your preference.

These are so good. I could just have a big bowl of this for dinner. Brussels sprouts are kind of tricky and I think people can be intimidated by these mini-cabbages. Another flavor that complements sprouts is citrus. Pan-fry them with some spices and fat, and just a few splashes of orange juice. It gives them a nice sweetness. You may even be able to get that picky eater to enjoy these!

So get out there and get your cruciferous veggie on!


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