Summertime…And The Livin’s Easy!!

Ugh. I’m still getting the hang of my damn tablet. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love it, but the blog is what is giving me the most trouble!!! So I’m gonna keep trying, but I’ll be posting from the good old laptop for right now.

So. Summer is in full swing here at my home. They spend a few hours at a friend’s house yesterday, playing on a trampoline (little one for the mini people, big one for the older kids). When I showed up they were sweaty and red and happy. Good stuff. Then they came home and jumped in the kiddie pool for a bit. After that, they were tired so it was time for some vegging. They played video games and watched The Muppet Show. I’m planning on a few things in the coming months. A children’s science museum next week. Possible trip to Sesame Place in August. Of course Primal Dawn’s favorite pastime: GEOCACHING!!! I’m organizing a geocaching meetup with some moms I know online. It will be at a local park and all the kiddos can come and it’s gonna be so much fun!!! A friend is coming back to my neck of the woods from GA and of course, we’re geocaching. Yay!

I wanted to just let everyone know I’m eating better now and the exercising is improving too. I feel totally out of shape, but I’m doing it. I know I feel great for the rest of the day after an awesome workout, so I’m sticking to it. Tonight is pizza night, and we’re changing it up. We usually do pepperoni, and sometimes a roasted red pepper and goat cheese combo. Tonight it’s a nitrate-free spinach and red onion chicken sausage and maybe some roasted red peppers. Of course lots of whole milk mozzarella. All on a primal crust. Yum. I’m planning on grilling up some chicken tomorrow with a mango salsa that I’m going to make today. I want to give it overnight to let the flavors blend.

Oh, and although I may be a little late to this party, I found a new yummy use for bacon: blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Hell. Yeah. The sweet salty combination is truly outrageous (like Jem). You can never have too many great ways to use bacon. Bacon makes almost everything better. Which reminds me, the other day I made bacon wrapped chicken livers. Ugh. Gross. Nobody liked them, not even the pups! I’m not giving up though. There’s gotta be another way to eat chicken livers other than pate. Pate is good, don’t get me wrong, but it can’t be the only game in town!!

So, ready for cute kid pics? Here you go!

Remember that SNL skit with Christopher Walken called “The Continental”? Here he is!

Fun with Play-Doh.

Just love the face in this pic.

That would be my oldest son in the crate with BOTH of the dogs.

My future pro-baseball player.

He chose this ensemble, complete with motorcycle boots, to wear to his brother’s ultrasound appointment.

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