Week’s Menus and Randomness

Hi there! I’m back on track and feeling great. So strange that I, like so many moms, ditch my own well-being when the stress hits. I mean, this house has pretty much been sick for a month. Everyone was home and needed my care, so I felt like I didn’t have the time or energy to do things for myself, like exercise or my tapping. I also ate gak a lot because I spoiled J since he was home for so long (2 weeks) and didn’t have much of an appetite. So I bought gak for him and of course helped myself to it! What is so silly is that we aren’t our best when we ignore our needs and well being, so it is precisely at those times of chaos and stress that we need to firmly stick to our “health guns”. I will do my best to remember that next time I feel chaos coming on!

So this week’s menus introduce Meatless Monday. We used to do this sporadically, and Mr. Dawn asked about what happened to it, so “I’m bringin’ veggie back”!!

Monday–Lebanese Eggplant Stew (from a slow cooker book I have)

Tuesday–Burgers (Mr. Dawn’s favorite food ever)

Wednesday–Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps

Thursday–Some sort of salmon

Friday–Pizza! I make a primal crust and we load it up!

My favorite here would have to be either the pizza or the lettuce wraps. The combination of the almost creamy pork mixture with the crispy, light lettuce is so good. And the pizza is just straight up fun comfort food! Last week’s winner was the chicken breast with goat cheese sauce. Oh, and the breaded pork chops I did were good too. I just use almond flour instead of breadcrumbs. Everything else is pretty much the same, eggs, spice up the coating, fry….yum. 


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