Android Noob

Okay, I’m gonna make this super quick cuz I’ve started this post like a dozen times. I’m uber frustrated with this Android stuff. I got a new Asus eee Transformer, and I’m smitten, but we’re having a lover’s spat right now. I love the tablet, but I’m still learning the ropes.
Menus from last week were great. I made tacos, and I just threw my taco meat over a nice salad and it was delicious! The boys had shells. The meatloaf was Awesome, with a capital “A”. One of the best I’ve made. I always wing it with my meatloaf. Little of this, little of that, some binder and eggs…voila, meatloaf!! We ended up not having salmon, but I did a crockpot beef stroganoff. Some stew meat, mushrooms, onions, a creamy sauce… was yummy!

This week we’re having:

Monday–spaghetti squash bake thingy….squash, beef, ricotta, mozzarella…like a lasagna type thing!

Tuesday–Chicken boobs with a goat cheese sauce

Wednesday–Crockpot goulash

Thursday–Pork chops of some sort (with the bone)

Friday–Low carb taco bake!! YUM!

Oh geez, I’m so glad I made it this far. You have no idea…I made so many posts and accidentally deleted them 😦

Primal Dawn out, bitches!!!


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