Back From The Brink

The brink of death, I tell you!! After playing nursemaid to my family, they had to return the favor. Well, they didn’t really return the favor of playing nursemaid. More like they looked at me with fear and pity while I barfed and shook and had the sweats and slept for 2 days. Mr. Dawn had to take the boys to a birthday party on short notice. I couldn’t do it. Apparently, though, this was the coolest 4 yr old birthday party in the history of 4 yr old birthday parties. It had a heated pool with two lifeguards, a petting zoo, and pony rides! I’m kinda jealous I didn’t get to see that. I just don’t have the desire to go all out like that. And I’m way cheap, so blowing that kind of cash on a party that will only impress the parents just doesn’t work for me. The kids never care. I mean, I’m sure they think it’s cool and all, but wouldn’t they be just as happy with something simple? J just wanted a few friends over to “hang out”.  That was it. We ordered pizza, they played video games and climbed trees. Easy peasy.

I’m feeling much better today. Although, with all the illness going around, I have this strong desire to Lysol the whole house. Or fumigate it with one of those tents. Yeah, that’d do the trick. Hopefully. As soon as I have my pep back, I’m gonna do some serious cleaning. I’m not a fan of hardcore chemicals though, so I hope vinegar and lemon juice work!!

So, on to the week’s menus. As usual, I don’t have a set preparation that I’m going to do most of the time. It’s more of a rough draft that I’ll finalize as inspiration strikes.

Mon–ground beef tacos, no shells for the big people

Tue–Roasted chicken



Fri–The boys will have spaghetti and Mr. Dawn and I will have meat sauce over sauteed zucchini or spaghetti squash

So, there you have it. I’ll post as I do these meals to give you the deets on what I did exactly, and what kind of sides we had.

That’s all I got for now, peeps. I have zero inspiration or ideas right now. It will be  back soon, I’m sure, but not today 😛


2 thoughts on “Back From The Brink

  1. I am happy you are feeling better. The male of our species generally lack any kind of nursemaid skills. You could die and they probably wouldn’t notice until at least the next day, unless they needed to ask you where something is.

    Today is Kev’s bday. Damn you guys are all getting old! You were barely 21 just yesterday. I love you. Hope you get back to your old self soon. Rest.

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