Adventure Tomorrow!!

There is a woman who I’ve befriended and I’m taking her geocaching tomorrow! Spreading the gospel of geocaching to the world! We are heading to a local park that has at least 40 caches. We aren’t going to get all of them, but maybe 5 or 6? I’m nervous about my homemade tick spray. I hope it works, because the ticks are out in force right now.

The pups are doing well. However….they have been jumping over the fence around the garden, so Mr. Dawn is putting up a bigger fence today. He was so pissed at those dogs!!! Luna trampled the lettuce and ripped up some of the beans.

T-Lo got his glasses yesterday and he is soooo dang cute. I will post pics soon. It’s a bummer because both boys are having their field day at school today and neither of them can participate. The docs have put T-Lo on physical restriction also, because his liver is swollen too. We are getting blood work done, as I’m thinking it’s mono and not the tonsillitis the doc thought he had before 😦 Oh well, summer’s almost here so I’ll work on making it up to them! I’m starting by having one of J’s buddies spend the night next Saturday.

I worked out for the first time in ages Wednesday. I almost killed myself and the workout was only 12 minutes long! I suck! I am doing the workouts. Short, intense, mostly body weight workouts. So I figure, being the chubby bunny I am, that I’m getting even more of a workout than a skinny mini would get! Ha! I have more weight to fling around. I plan on doing another workout tomorrow. I hope it’s better than the first workout, or I may die.


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