Week’s Menus and Randomness

Hi there! I’m back on track and feeling great. So strange that I, like so many moms, ditch my own well-being when the stress hits. I mean, this house has pretty much been sick for a month. Everyone was home and needed my care, so I felt like I didn’t have the time or energy to do things for myself, like exercise or my tapping. I also ate gak a lot because I spoiled J since he was home for so long (2 weeks) and didn’t have much of an appetite. So I bought gak for him and of course helped myself to it! What is so silly is that we aren’t our best when we ignore our needs and well being, so it is precisely at those times of chaos and stress that we need to firmly stick to our “health guns”. I will do my best to remember that next time I feel chaos coming on!

So this week’s menus introduce Meatless Monday. We used to do this sporadically, and Mr. Dawn asked about what happened to it, so “I’m bringin’ veggie back”!!

Monday–Lebanese Eggplant Stew (from a slow cooker book I have)

Tuesday–Burgers (Mr. Dawn’s favorite food ever)

Wednesday–Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps

Thursday–Some sort of salmon

Friday–Pizza! I make a primal crust and we load it up!

My favorite here would have to be either the pizza or the lettuce wraps. The combination of the almost creamy pork mixture with the crispy, light lettuce is so good. And the pizza is just straight up fun comfort food! Last week’s winner was the chicken breast with goat cheese sauce. Oh, and the breaded pork chops I did were good too. I just use almond flour instead of breadcrumbs. Everything else is pretty much the same, eggs, spice up the coating, fry….yum. 


OMG Have I figured it out???

So, yeah, I have figured out how to post from my tablet!! Huzzah!

I’ve been working out consistently since Monday. Ha ha. Yes, I’ve worked out Monday, Wednesday, and I will work out tomorrow. I’m loving the Body Rock workouts, they are so short but intense. I don’t feel like I have to spend an hour working out, I just push to my limit for a minimum of 10 minutes. I’m sore the next day, which lets me know I’m doing good stuff.

As for food, I have been horrible. I’m eating junk and it’s gross and I am over it, officially!!! I guess I’ve just been stressed with illness and medication adjustments (aka “I’m a medical experiment”), and I haven’t been taking care of myself like I normally would. Now with summer in full swing as of tomorrow (last day of school for the boys!!), I need to get my head back on straight and get in the game. I’m looking forward to some fun stuff this summer. I’m thinking geocaching (of course, duh), plenty of dog walks, and grilling and gardening.  Oh, and I want to go camping this summer!!! I haven’t been since J was an itty bitty. I remember putting a mosquito net over his play pen and feeding him baby food in his little car seat-carrier thingy on top of the picnic tables!

How about you guys? What are your summer plans? Tell me all about it…give me some ideas to steal!!!

Day One And Dawn’s All Gung Ho….Again

This is what I did for Day One of “Operation: Workout-For-More-Than-A-Week” on Monday. I was a little sore yesterday, and I’m ready for this one today. I’m feeling like hell these days, bloated, chunky, sluggish…..I’m gonna get rid of that crappy feeling by moving my bod!!!

I STILL have not figured out how to edit properly on my new tablet. It’s kinda frustrating, but I am learning new stuff every day and I’m sure that I’ll be blogging away on it soon. It’s kind of funny that I keep on trying to use my laptop screen as a touch screen. Yeah. Kinda embarrassing to sit there for a minute tapping the screen and getting annoyed that it’s not doing anything.

We are supposed to be having a crock pot goulash today, but I don’t feel like going to the store for one item (stew meat), so I’m gonna wing it. I’m thinking maybe I’ll cut up one of the london broils we have and use that as stew meat. It all comes out tender after the crock pot does its thing anyway. I think I have a compulsive grocery shopping problem. I go in for a few things and come out with 5 bags!! And I go all the time, probably at least 3-4 times a week. I used to be much more organized about this, so I’m gonna get back into the habit of shopping once a week again. My wallet is battered and bruised!!

Oh, guess what I went and did?? We picked up a violin really cheap on eBay!!! Of course, it’s not top quality or anything, but I don’t care. So far, I’m the only one playing it…er…attempting to play it. So now we have a drum set, electric guitar (kid size), acoustic guitar, harmonica, recorder, accordion, bongos, and now the violin. Which is great because I just found out yesterday that despite approving the school district’s budget, they cut all the music programs!! J was so excited because next year (3rd grade) was going to be his first year with an instrument. You know they kept sports, but my son doesn’t care about sports! He’s just not an athlete. He’s not into team sports. So we approved this stupid budget and now I get to fork over the extra taxes for that AND money for lessons. I’m adamant about the boys learning an instrument. Kids who play instruments get better grades generally. So terrible what is going on in the schools now. J is very intelligent, also, and they have no gifted programs here anymore either. What are you supposed to do if your kid isn’t a jock? We have some of the highest property taxes in the country here, and what do we have to show for it? You can bet your ass none of the bigwigs took pay cuts. So they shortchange our kids, underpay and undermine the teachers, don’t hold bad teachers accountable, and we get the privilege of funding that crap??

Can you tell I’m slightly peeved?

Wow, this post went in a completely different direction than where it started. Sometimes that’s the way it goes, I guess. I just think education is so important. We are doing these kids a huge disservice and we will reap what we sow later.

PD out!!!

Android Noob

Okay, I’m gonna make this super quick cuz I’ve started this post like a dozen times. I’m uber frustrated with this Android stuff. I got a new Asus eee Transformer, and I’m smitten, but we’re having a lover’s spat right now. I love the tablet, but I’m still learning the ropes.
Menus from last week were great. I made tacos, and I just threw my taco meat over a nice salad and it was delicious! The boys had shells. The meatloaf was Awesome, with a capital “A”. One of the best I’ve made. I always wing it with my meatloaf. Little of this, little of that, some binder and eggs…voila, meatloaf!! We ended up not having salmon, but I did a crockpot beef stroganoff. Some stew meat, mushrooms, onions, a creamy sauce…..it was yummy!

This week we’re having:

Monday–spaghetti squash bake thingy….squash, beef, ricotta, mozzarella…like a lasagna type thing!

Tuesday–Chicken boobs with a goat cheese sauce

Wednesday–Crockpot goulash

Thursday–Pork chops of some sort (with the bone)

Friday–Low carb taco bake!! YUM!

Oh geez, I’m so glad I made it this far. You have no idea…I made so many posts and accidentally deleted them 😦

Primal Dawn out, bitches!!!

Back From The Brink

The brink of death, I tell you!! After playing nursemaid to my family, they had to return the favor. Well, they didn’t really return the favor of playing nursemaid. More like they looked at me with fear and pity while I barfed and shook and had the sweats and slept for 2 days. Mr. Dawn had to take the boys to a birthday party on short notice. I couldn’t do it. Apparently, though, this was the coolest 4 yr old birthday party in the history of 4 yr old birthday parties. It had a heated pool with two lifeguards, a petting zoo, and pony rides! I’m kinda jealous I didn’t get to see that. I just don’t have the desire to go all out like that. And I’m way cheap, so blowing that kind of cash on a party that will only impress the parents just doesn’t work for me. The kids never care. I mean, I’m sure they think it’s cool and all, but wouldn’t they be just as happy with something simple? J just wanted a few friends over to “hang out”.  That was it. We ordered pizza, they played video games and climbed trees. Easy peasy.

I’m feeling much better today. Although, with all the illness going around, I have this strong desire to Lysol the whole house. Or fumigate it with one of those tents. Yeah, that’d do the trick. Hopefully. As soon as I have my pep back, I’m gonna do some serious cleaning. I’m not a fan of hardcore chemicals though, so I hope vinegar and lemon juice work!!

So, on to the week’s menus. As usual, I don’t have a set preparation that I’m going to do most of the time. It’s more of a rough draft that I’ll finalize as inspiration strikes.

Mon–ground beef tacos, no shells for the big people

Tue–Roasted chicken



Fri–The boys will have spaghetti and Mr. Dawn and I will have meat sauce over sauteed zucchini or spaghetti squash

So, there you have it. I’ll post as I do these meals to give you the deets on what I did exactly, and what kind of sides we had.

That’s all I got for now, peeps. I have zero inspiration or ideas right now. It will be  back soon, I’m sure, but not today 😛

Adventure Tomorrow!!

There is a woman who I’ve befriended and I’m taking her geocaching tomorrow! Spreading the gospel of geocaching to the world! We are heading to a local park that has at least 40 caches. We aren’t going to get all of them, but maybe 5 or 6? I’m nervous about my homemade tick spray. I hope it works, because the ticks are out in force right now.

The pups are doing well. However….they have been jumping over the fence around the garden, so Mr. Dawn is putting up a bigger fence today. He was so pissed at those dogs!!! Luna trampled the lettuce and ripped up some of the beans.

T-Lo got his glasses yesterday and he is soooo dang cute. I will post pics soon. It’s a bummer because both boys are having their field day at school today and neither of them can participate. The docs have put T-Lo on physical restriction also, because his liver is swollen too. We are getting blood work done, as I’m thinking it’s mono and not the tonsillitis the doc thought he had before 😦 Oh well, summer’s almost here so I’ll work on making it up to them! I’m starting by having one of J’s buddies spend the night next Saturday.

I worked out for the first time in ages Wednesday. I almost killed myself and the workout was only 12 minutes long! I suck! I am doing the Bodyrock.tv workouts. Short, intense, mostly body weight workouts. So I figure, being the chubby bunny I am, that I’m getting even more of a workout than a skinny mini would get! Ha! I have more weight to fling around. I plan on doing another workout tomorrow. I hope it’s better than the first workout, or I may die.