MishMosh Post

Wherein I have a bunch of junk clunking around in my brain and I want to get stuff out. Forgive if it’s not a cohesive, beautifully edited and written post 🙂

First off, bisphenol-A, or BPA. I have concerns about this stuff, and I’ve done some smart(er) things to lessen my family’s exposure. Here’s an article about this monomer and canned food linings. I use glass for most of my storage and reheating. We use stainless steel water bottles. Now, I’m trying to consider ways of lowering our canned food consumption. We use a lot of canned tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, tomato paste, coconut milk…..BUT–here’s where I have to slow myself down: While I want my family to be as healthy and toxin-free as possible, I feel like we’re doing a pretty good job with our current routine. It seems like every time you turn around, there’s something bad out there. I refuse to A)live in fear of every contaminant I may or may not be consuming, and B) drive myself crazy trying to attain this idea of a perfectly toxin-free home. That said, I will still try to get around these canned items whenever I can. What do you think? Do you think my thinking is reasonable? Or do you think I need my head checked? ( I probably do need my head checked, but enough about that…..)

While this is not a blog about my mental health, it does creep in due to the fact that this is more of a lifestyle type of blog and I write about my day to day life. Well, our day to day life has been…..how do you say…..erratic. I recently started having some scary symptoms due to some meds I’m taking. Not to go into it, but Mr. Dawn is even concerned about my driving with the boys in the car. I’ve been talking to my Nurse Practitioner and we’re tweaking here and there. And while I’m getting better as far as the symptoms go (gradually), I’m riding the roller coaster of med adjustments. Lower this, I get extremely irritable, raise this, I get hungover in the morning and can’t get off the couch. The interesting thing is that I have a few things going on that can affect body chemistry. I’ve been sober for almost 4 months (go me!) and I’ve recently lost about 7 pounds. From what I’m reading and hearing from some friends, is that your weight and the fat you carry can affect how the meds work, as well as not having alcohol in your system regularly. Interesting stuff. I am working it out, trying to be gentle on myself and my family (not always accomplished). I am a work in progress. I will always say that!

Okay, on the “being gentle and kind to myself” front: I am using the last 18 days that the boys are in school (actual school days, not weekends) to get back to my self-care routine. I’m going to get back to doing the things that are good and nourishing to my soul and bod. My tapping, exercise, geocaching, getting creative, eating well, dressing nicely, and doing my makeup most days are things that make me feel so good, but are the first thing to go when I get stressed. Which is strange, because my brain KNOWS these things are good for me and make me happier, but when you’re stressed and feel like you don’t have time or energy to do these things, they are the first to go. And that’s unfortunate. That’s precisely the time you need to do it the most!!!

Okay, on to the week’s menus:

Tuesday–Burgers! Yum!

Wednesday–Pork chops (haven’t decided on the recipe yet)

Thursday–Meatballs (haven’t decided, would like something different)

Friday–Pizza Night!!!

This week is shorter due to Monday being Memorial Day!

Have a lovely day and take care of yourself and your loved ones! I know I will!

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