Oh Shit. It’s Mono.

Yep. J was diagnosed formally yesterday with mono. Sucks. However, he is looking better today. Less like he got into a schoolyard scrap, and more like he’s just….tired. We are also waiting for the Lyme’s disease results, as the first part of that test came back positive. He may have a double whammy. The doc said that sometimes mono will show a positive Lyme’s test at first. He’s just basically on orders to rest and have lots of fluids. He can go back to school after the holiday weekend, but he can’t play any sports or do any rough-housing. His liver and spleen are apparently enlarged. Dangerous!

And in other news, T-Lo picked out his very first pair of specs today! I have to say, he made every single pair he tried on look amazingly adorable. Yes, I’m biased. But seriously, he rocked every pair! We picked out black plastic frames with a cool tiger or leopard print in the inside of the frame. I couldn’t really tell what animal it was, but it’s that orange-y and black and tan print. Let’s call it tig-ard. They should be ready in a week or so. I will most definitely be posting cute pics!

So, I’m just hanging here at Primal Dawn Headquarters. Playing nurse-maid. Wait…what exactly is a nurse-maid? Is it a nurse? Is it a maid? Cuz I’m pretty sure I’m doing both those jobs. And the pay sucks. But the benefits package is excellent.

I don’t really have much else to say. Just wanted to touch base and give a status report. I haven’t even thought about next week’s meals.

Oh, I’m still feeling really really creative. I have this urge to just “make shit”. I have been making sugar skull masks, sewing, and I picked up some glitter and oil pastels today. The oil pastels are sooooo awesome. Where have they been my whole life??? I like the way they hit the paper and I love blending them with my fingers. I find it so strange that I never thought of myself as an artist or even very creative, but all of the sudden I have this weird feeling of wanting to make things with my hands. I guess I’m not unique, aren’t there plenty of artists who didn’t start until later in life? Well, count me as one of them.


4 thoughts on “Oh Shit. It’s Mono.

  1. Oh dear! Not good. I hope J gets better real quick.
    I can’t wait to see Ivan in his cool new specs. But I don’t know how he can be any cuter.

    Funny how you get all out of bounds about geocaching and I do it for BB. I laughed out loud when I read the “take it down a notch” part. I get the exact same look from family. But they slowly back out of the room saying something like, “I have something on the stove.” How rude! LOL.

    I am glad you are slowing down a bit this week. You wear me out:) You accomplish so much. Making stuff is fun. Oil pastels are heaven, too. I still think you should try doing some Donna Dewberry painting. You learn quick, so you would be a pro in no time.

  2. Nurse maid made me laugh. Hope you are doing great, and taking care of your family & yourself. Looking fwd to your postings on your eats! 🙂

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