*tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

Well, hello there! Long time no see! Oh, no I wasn’t avoiding you. I was playing nursemaid here at Primal Dawn General Hospital. We have had a lot going on here. First T-Lo hit us with a double ear infection and tonsillitis. Yay. Antibiotics. have I told you this boy has no symptoms at all??? I thought he was a little sick, had some boogies and stuff, but nothing major. Nope, it was pretty bad. So, he goes on antibiotics for 10 days. Then Mr. Dawn comes down with something, we still don’t know what, but he was tired and had mildly swollen lymph nodes. Then…J has been sick going on 10 days today!!! We’ve been to the doc 3 times as of today, and he starts antibiotics today. I don’t usually go for meds right away, but J is getting worse. They don’t know if it’s mono or some sort of tick-borne illness like Lyme disease. His lymph nodes are really really swollen. J will get blood drawn tomorrow and then we’ll know what it is, hopefully.

I tried to stop myself from scouring the interwebs to diagnose J, but since the doc didn’t seem to know anything, I figured I’d do a little research. Funny enough, J and I took the pups to the vet today for some vaccines and a check up, and it was the vet who turned me towards the possibility of tick-borne disease. He said he didn’t understand why doctors didn’t test for them sooner. We live in an area with a lot of ticks, yet the doctors go through everything else before they test for those diseases! I don’t understand. AND….did you know that you can get a vaccine for Lyme disease for your dog, but not your kid or yourself??? How fucked up is that? Apparently, Mr. Dawn’s research shows that there was a vaccine for us bipeds, but there wasn’t enough demand for it so the company discontinued it. I live on Long Island, people!! There are tons of deer and deer ticks here!!!

So, I apologize for my absence and I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the menus for the week:

Monday–Shrimp fritters and spicy chipotle coleslaw

Tuesday–Roasted chicken and maybe turnip fries?

Wednesday–Peach chicken salad (from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook)


Friday–Tacos!! Ole!

I also need to confess to eating a few days’ worth of fast food. J and I both. I’m calling it stress eating. Being so busy and running from doc to doc and J being sick and wanting comfort food. I occasionally get them those kids’ meals from fast food after a traumatic doc visit (blood or shots). Don’t lecture me on using food as a reward, please. I know the deal and my kids know that fast food or any kind of treat is a sometimes food, not an everyday thing. And I will say I don’t like that we ate so much of it these past weeks. But we did, so let’s move forward!! None of us are perfect.

Which gets me to thinking about the ways we think of food in this house. How we deal with snacks, meals, and desserts in this home that has 2 small kids. I will do another entire post on this next. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but I think I may have a little something to add to the conversation.


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