Wow, Look! I’m Posting Menus Before The Week Begins! Go Me!

I sat with the family yesterday for a bit and everyone had some input in the menus this week. J’s request? What else, tuna patties. T-Lo? He wants spaghetti and meatballs. Mr. Dawn? He wants meatloaf. I accommodated everyone. I picked up Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals about a week ago. We are trying 2 recipes from it this week. So here goes:

Monday–Meatloaf and some sort of cauliflower

Tuesday–Tuna patties and a green salad

Wednesday–Chicken w/ Almond Coconut Dipping Sauce (from the book!)

Thursday–Spaghetti and Meatballs….ah yes, the dreaded pasta for my cavebabies, but the cave-adults are having zucchini instead. Yum. Don’t miss pasta at all.

Friday–Fish Tacos w/ Citrus Dressing (from the cookbook again! this one looks really good)

We’ve had a nice time today here at PD Headquarters. We headed out to do some shopping. Together. As in, Mr. Dawn actually asked if he could tag along. I know, right?! I asked him (only half joking) if something was up, or did he think I was gonna do something? So after we all got over that weirdness, we piled into my car (an awesome little Scion xB, btw) and headed to the thrift store and then to Target. I had a 30% off coupon that was expiring today for the thrift store, so we browsed. I finally found a butter dish!!! Every time I go there, I look, and I’ve been disappointed every time. I was starting to think it was a conspiracy. Who the hell has all the butter dishes!?! The tag on my cute little retro butter dish was 3.99. Awesome! Then I picked over my usual haunts, the men’s tees and the dresses. I found a black tee that says, “Frack Me” on it.  1.99!!! It had to be mine! I’m going to do some surgery on it and see what I can make. The dresses were “meh”, nothing jumped out. Then I gauzy little black skirt. 2.99. Good for summer. T-Lo found a plushy Animal (from The Muppet Show). It was love at first sight.

Off to Target for some groceries for both humans and doggies. One impulse buy (iron on DIY monster decals for a little tee for T-Lo), but I pretty much stuck to the list. I did see Mr. Dawn eyeballing a new vacuum. I had to play it super cool. I was really excited about the prospect, but I didn’t want to freak him out. He asked me if I liked this one on the end cap, and I casually looked at the box to see the features. Hmmm…..good horsepower, bagless, continuous suction….yeah, that looks pretty good. We didn’t bring it home, but Mr. Dawn said he’d “do some research.” I hate my current vacuum. The running joke is that our vacuum “doesn’t suck.” Ha freakin’ ha. However I may have blown it since I just realized: Mr. Dawn reads this blog!!! Okay, honey, pretty pretty please can we get a new vacuum? Pleeeeeeeze? So much for keeping my cool, huh.

Well, we are back home now and everyone is doing their own thing. I’m working on entertaining and informing the masses of Primal Dawn fans, pondering my next craft (paper mache sugar skull, anyone??), and listening to a show about the universe in the background. T-Lo is watching Muppet Show Season 3 with Animal, J is clubbing seals on his pc (I know, I know, please don’t comment about how sick that is…’s called a sense of humor!), Mr. Dawn is working in the backyard… is good. I’m planning on getting us all together for a game or something later. Maybe art time together? I don’t know. I’m feeling really creative and I want to explore that with my family. And by “explore” I mean drag them kicking and screaming.

Tuesday is my last day of class. I am so excited. I got plans, people, big plans. I need to start working out again. It’s gotten so bad that I said to Mr. Dawn the other day that I was going to start boxing again after school ends, and he actually stifled a giggle and made a face. NOT GOOD. So I called him a jerkface and told him to never make that face at me again. Cuz that’s how I roll. It was spoken with love, okay? But there was truth in that face and stifled giggle. I’m all talk when it comes to getting this bod moving lately. I think that I’ve been doing so much inner work recently. I feel like I’m nervous to take too much on at once. I always burn out when I do that. So I’m trying to take it slow. But there’s slow, and then there’s stopped. I think I can cop to being stopped.

Okay, confession over. Get back to work, nothin’ to see here!!!

Oh, and big congrats to Ag and her Hubby A for taking the plunge and getting married!!! Wow! What a pleasant surprise! I wish them nothing but the best!


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