Updates and Such….

So my DIY laundry soap is not the raging success I expected. First, I think I used the wrong bar soap. AND, remember I told you I put the soap in by weight, not volume, which was more bar soap than I needed. The soap congealed, which I thought was okay, I just mixed it. Then I recruited Mr. Dawn to bring in the power tools in the form of some sort of paint-mixing attachment on a drill thingy….so he whirled it all up. I put it in the soap dispenser in my washer, but when I took the load out, I saw that the soap had not made it into the load due to the jello-like texture. So I added more water, and it’s better, but I’m definitely rethinking my method and recipe for next time!!

We are at crunch time over here and Primal Dawn Headquarters. At least I am. I have my last class of the semester next Tuesday and I’m so ready to be done!!! I didn’t really enjoy this semester. I didn’t get to take a cool chemistry or bio class, I just had stupid precalculus 2 and American history. So it’s been lackluster for me. I love science and art and english and I didn’t get any of that this semester! I’m fixing that for the fall semester though!

I have been a slacker with exercise….AGAIN. Now my excuse is that I just need to get through school next week and it’s on!! I am lacking motivation, and I’m not sure what that’s from. I may need to play. Yeah……some serious play may be in order!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dinners this week:

Monday–lamb gyro burgers with tzatziki sauce

Tuesday–Cabbage Roll Casserole

Wednesday–Chicken fajitas (these were soooo good!)…no tortillas, of course, just tossed it in a bowl!

Thursday–Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook)

Friday–Waldorf salad and a little something else (meatless, I’m thinking)…I’ve never had Waldorf salad, I’ll let you guys know what I think.

2 thoughts on “Updates and Such….

  1. Holy cow, girl! You are a busy woman. I love it. All the pictures you post are great, too. Thank you for making it easy for me to see you & your family ๐Ÿ™‚ I just discovered this blog yesterday when you commented on mine and I clicked the link. Great stuff here.

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