DIY Laundry Soap

I made laundry soap yesterday. A few minutes ago I plopped a gelatinous 1/4 cup of the stuff into the dispenser of my front loader. The soap was easy to make, but my right arm got quite a workout because the bar of soap that I diced (instead of grating) took FOREVER to melt. I had to sit over the stove and stir and stir. This was the image I had in my head as I stirred:

Except some of those women are smiling. This is what I looked like:

So on to the method. The ingredients are washing soda, bar soap, Borax, and water. This is the pic of the stuff I used. The soap I used was Octagon. It was weird stuff. It was almost like modeling clay texture, and a sagey grey color.

I ran into a dilemma though. It says to use 2 cups of the bar soap, grated. I chopped mine up, and I didn’t know whether to use volume or weight. So here’s the bowl with the 2 cups by volume, and the chunk of soap next to it is what I added to go by weight, which I regretfully decided to do:

I say regretfully because I just opened the bucket to stir it and it’s like a big blob of jello. So again, I had to stir like crazy. I will report back as to how it worked! I’m excited. The bars of soap were 79 cents each, the Borax I’ve had forever, the washing soda was 2.99 (I think)….it makes over 2 gallons and you only need a 1/4 cup per load!!! That’s……2 gallons + 1 quart….so 9  quarts…..36 cups…..144 loads!!!! I’m not going to quote you grocery store or warehouse club liquid laundry soap prices, but I’m guessing I’m saving some money.

Changes: I think next time I’ll use the volume measurement of the bar soap or add more water to compensate and attempt to avoid the blob.

Oh, so back to my right arm and how tired/sore it is. J and I made coconut vanilla ice cream (coconut milk, vanilla, egg yolks, some dark chocolate bits…). Well, I had to do a double boiler setup and whisk like crazy til it set up. I swear to God this is what I look like now:

(except, you know, it’s my right arm, not my left)

Here’s some pics of the ice cream making process:

J really enjoyed taking the meat pounder to those dark chocolate chips. Maybe a little too much.


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