Weight Loss, PTO Love, and Menus

Hell effin’ yeah!!! 😀 I hopped on the scale a few days ago and I’m down another 1 1/2-2 pounds. I have been trying to chill about the numbers. I feel good. I don’t even get on the scale but a few times a month now. I think it’s the Vibrams. I get to burn extra calories by explaining about them to everyone, it’s bound to translate to a few pounds lost. I volunteered at J’s PTO flower sale Monday and Tuesday and I must have explained 4 or 5 times to various people. The reactions range from laughter to real interest, wanting to know where I got them and stuff.

Speaking of which, the PTO thing was so. much. fun. I was sort of wary, because I only know about PTO/PTA members from what I’ve seen on television and from some of my friends. Well, I was expecting some Stepfordwife-type crap, and I ended up making a few new friends! The first day, I saw a woman who had been in my modern bio 2 class last semester and we were chatting away about lots of stuff. She’s a nurse, so we of course talked about T-Lo and his saga. Then the next day, I met this woman who was so bubbly and cheery it was contagious. At first, I was like, “Is she for real?!” By the time I was heading home, she was walking me out (with my 5 plants!!), and we discovered that we are the same age, with me being only 5 days older!! How weird is that? She squealed, “Oooh, we were in the womb at the same time!” I really enjoyed helping the PTO and it was not Stepfordwivish in any way. I will be more involved now.

Menus for the week. I know it’s Wednesday, but I just now realized I hadn’t posted them. Here ya go!

Monday–Ham and cheddar crustless quiche (from leftover ham)

Tuesday–Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps (so easy and yummy!)

Wednesday–Burgers (Mr. Dawn’s favorite dinner)

Thursday–Colcannon (our weekly potato allotment)

Friday–Chicken and Fennel Stew (from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook, first try, we’ll see how it goes)

Weekend is wide open!!!

I have some artichokes that I snagged the other day, but now I’m looking at them and I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated. They have stabbed me a few times with their stupid barbed leaf-edges. Who knew veggies could be painful? I mean, I remember eating them steamed and dunked in butter with my grandmother. So, anyway, I have them, I’ll figure something out. I think I’ll stick to the jars of artichoke hearts from now on. They are too labor-intensive and mean for me to deal with.

Did I tell you all about the  fudge pops? Wow. So easy. I followed a recipe from TipNut.com, but it’s super easy. Heavy cream, milk, and some cocoa. Heat that up. Pour over semi-sweet chocolate (chopped up) in a bowl. Stir to melt chocolate. Add vanilla. Pour into molds and freeze. We added cinnamon to half and O.M.G. they are sooooo good!! The only sugar you are getting is from the relatively small amount already in the chocolate. That’s it!! We all love them and they are not too sweet, but rich and creamy and yum.

I’ve also been making my own chocolate syrup for the boys to have chocolate milk. I’m concerned with T-Lo’s calcium. He has stopped eating yogurt, doesn’t drink much milk, and just a little cheese. So I’ve been toying with custards, which have been an epic fail every time (for them, not for the grown-ups, we like them!). Now I have made some syrup to add to the organic whole milk. I know it’s a desperate attempt, but what can I say, I’m a mom and I’m trying to take care of my cavebabies!!! You can look up any number of recipes for this. This is the second time I’ve made it and it’s better than the last recipe. It’s basically sugar whisked in with unsweetened cocoa, then you add water, boil it up a little, toss in some salt, let it cool a little, add vanilla, and put it in a jar in the fridge! Easy. Stir a little into your whole milk and voila, a drink that even T-Lo can’t resist!

Well, I’m off to do various boring domestic activities. Hope your day is more thrilling than mine! And healthy!!

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