Geocaching Adventures…..Again!

I expect I’ll have to come up with some other titles for posts related to geocaching. You know, the coolest freaking hobby in the history of hobbies???

We headed out and had such a wonderful time. The kids love being outside, climbing trees, bushwhacking. We have great discussions about history, nature, ecology, biology. J wanted to know about moths, so I was explaining about the lepidoptera family (which includes butterflies!). We saw a group (herd??) of about 15 deer leaping through a field. We came around a bend and J was standing there pointing. It was amazing. Then we saw a rafter of wild turkeys. As we were walking back along the trail, we heard rustling to our right, not even 3 feet from us! Freaked me out for a hot second, then out from the brush runs another turkey!! He took semi-flight (?) and was off. Again, amazing. We saw 2 very old cemeteries, so we discussed being respectful of sacred ground. T-Lo had fun just tagging along, hiking around. J really got his grok on, hiding in bushes, climbing trees, picking flowers (for me, of course!).

I am also experimenting with various homemade bug repellents. We have deer ticks here, which carry Lyme disease. We don’t want that anywhere near us! I did some reading, and I see that tea tree oil, lavender, sage, and various other essential oils can work. I didn’t have a carrier for these oils. I already have tea tree and lavender oil. Then it hit me! I doused some unscented, gentle baby wipes with these oils and put them in a ziploc. We rubbed them all over our neck and arms and ankles. I think it worked, but I’ll be trying other things too. I just picked up some witch hazel, which I plan on making a bug-spray with. We’ll see how that works and I will report my findings! We also dress in lighter colors to show any hitchikers, and we do a “bug check” before we get into the car. Then after we come home I check the boys’ armpits and groin areas, as they like to settle there.

Well, I’m off. I have homework to do, food to make…..have a loverly Sunday!!!

Oh, yeah, here’s some pics of our adventures:


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