I Got A New Way To Walk

“Walk walk….”

Ah yes, the fabulous Oinker Sisters, kickin’ it old skool!!

So yeah, I’m walking in these:

Vibram Fivefinger Sprints, black, size 39!!! I keep getting beat to the punch, because Hot And Healthy Mom (aka Lea) has a post up about these, and she even discusses the feeling of the mud she stepped in!! I posted on facebook about the mud situation. I was out geocaching with my family and when I stepped in the mud it felt soooo weird. Almost like being barefoot, except my toes were kept clean and pristine in their individual cozy little homes.

I agree with just about everything in her post. The pros and cons are right on. I have had people laugh (Mr. Dawn and J’s dad!!), ask a million questions, and others are going to buy some and asked how I got mine (eBay). I wear these probably 75% of the time now. They cramp my style sometimes, but I don’t care. Like if I’m wearing a super girly skirt, tank, polka dotted cardigan, bow in the hair….then you get to my feet and uh….does not compute!!!!

I love being barefoot and have been known to run out sans shoes in winter. These shoes are awesome for that feeling. I am already plotting my next pair. I think I’ll get a more covered style in a pink or red. It’s very nice to feel the ground beneath you. I can feel sand, mud, gravel, pavement, grass, everything! The first day or two, my feet were a little sore, especially my right big toe. I don’t know what that was about, I guess my muscles getting used to the odd separated-toe thing. Now I’m fine though and I’ve noticed that my naked toes are much flatter on the ground and spread out a little more. I don’t have that pinky toe smush thing. You know, when the last two toes are like conjoined twins??

So that’s all from the PD Headquarters. I have a 6 page paper about Harriet Tubman due tomorrow morning. How much have I written? 1 page. Yup. I’m one of those people. And, oddly enough, when it comes to writing papers, I usually get high grades, even with procrastination. You can hate me now. But then you can think about my math scores and laugh. And point. Or both.

Also, I’m working on a recipe page. I have a few I’ve posted and I haven’t been using the tagging feature correctly, so I’m trying to find them all and make a separate page.


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