‘Poo Withdrawal and Menu

Well, I said I was going to do it, and Easter Sunday it happened:

I finally ran out of shampoo!!!

I took a deep breath, eyeballed the little plastic tupperware thingy on the shower ledge. It contained pure baking soda. Nuttin’ else. How do I do this?? Do I just shake some on my hand? Do I make a paste or something?? What about my hair color (which is blue right now, btw)??

I’ve heard about the ugly side of giving up the ‘poo. Apparently the hair rebels and gets all gross for a few days. Well, I can confirm that yes, my hair is gross right now. It feels greasy, stringy (well, stringier…), and looks limper than usual. I have very fine hair, so this is very noticeable on me!!

I do have a strategy, though. I’m making use of headbands with flowers on them, bandanas, hats…..plenty of coverage to distract from the oil slick that is my head these days.

I cracked too. I saw a bottle of all-natural, no chemical or harsh stuff shampoo and it was half off. HALF OFF. I couldn’t resist. So my getting off the ‘poo is not final. I’m doing an outpatient program with the equivalent of the shampoo patch. I’m stepping down gradually, like those nicotine commercials šŸ™‚ Don’t judge. Okay, you can judge, but I won’t care. I just bought it today, so we’ll see how it works out.

Would you like to know what we’re eating here this week? You would?? Okay!!!

Monday–chicken with pesto, yum!!

Tuesday–Cabbage Roll Casserole

Wednesday (today)–Burgers! Mr. Dawn’s favorite!

Thursday–A spicy pork stew with sweet potatoes, turnips, and chipotle….should be interesting.

Friday–Bacon jalapeno poppers for big people, ravioli for little peeps

Saturday–Peachy Chicken Salad from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. This is so good and we’ll be having this a lot this summer!!!

I only have 3-4 more weeks of school!! Then on to things I can’t really do while in school-mode, like sewing, like being crafty, like hula hooping, like reading books just for fun…ahhh the world is my crafty-literary-whirling-dervish oyster!!!


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