Hoppy Easter Or Whatever Holiday You Celebrate Or Don’t Celebrate

There. I think that covers it.

So Easter is great over here at PD headquarters. It was my first one without J, though. That’s a little bittersweet. On the one hand, he’s gaining a bigger family which equals more love in his life. He’s getting 2 new stepbrothers and a stepmom who I like well enough. On the other hand, it’s the first time I’ve ever not had him get up and shout about how cool something in his basket is, or go on the egg hunt. BUT…I did gain some extra special time with T-Lo this morning before Mr. Dawn woke up. That was special. Here’s how some of it looked:

T blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk (whole organic milk and homemade chocolate syrup of course)

Easter feet are happy feet:

After their photo shoot:

The Easter-y Duo:

Embarrassing photo of Luna we can show her boyfriend some day:

We can’t leave Zero out, though!!

Mr. Dawn’s alter ego, Ladybug Man!! Erm….Machobug Man, or something or other……

And his sidekick, L-Bug!!

Okay, it’s really T-Lo…..

And last, but certainly not least, CaveLadyBug!!! Complete with kung fu grip and awesome hairdo!!

I have loads of things I’m pondering and want to share. I’ve tried some new things. Successes. Failures. But it really is “all good”. 🙂 I will get my thoughts and stuff in some sort of order and I’ll drag you all along with me! Stay tuned….

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