Garden v3.0

I think I’ve told y’all that we’ve got our garden going on here. We started some seeds inside last Sunday, and we’ve got some little shoots coming up now. I wanted to share what we’ve got this year. Everything came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:

-Purple bell peppers

-These beautiful Dragon’s Egg cucumbers, they look like creamy colored eggs. I have visions of my kids running around the sunny backyard (in slow motion, of course, and maybe dressed in fancy colorful clothes….) holding these cute little cukes. They LOVE cucumbers, so this is not so far-fetched. Except for the fancy clothing and slow motion bit.

-Purple pole bean…I have no idea what this is, I just wanted something like a green bean to try.

-a melon that is small and looks like a cantaloupe.

-2 types of tomatoes, a stripey one and a deep, blood-colored one called “Black from Tula”. I love that name!






-red romaine (this came as a free gift with our order!)

-I threw some aster seeds from last year in with the seed pots, I don’t know if they will grow, and I’ve never grown flowers from seed. We shall see! Or, not see. Whatever.

I know there’s more, but I’m too lazy to go downstairs and fetch the catalog right this second. I highly recommend ordering a catalog. Gorgeous glossy photos of so many different fruits and veggies. Way better than online shopping. I am a diehard online bargain hunter, so that’s saying something. There is something about having a beautiful catalog in your hands to drool over and dream. The watermelon and tomato sections are particularly swoon-inducing. And so many strange and exotic varieties of the basics, they seem not-so-basic anymore:)

I would like  to also share how we compost. I know there’s a million different ways and theories, but basically everything is trial and error. We use a bucket from our SAD (Standard American Diet) days:

Here’s the backside so you can see what’s in it:

What’s in it? We’ve got all fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, and used coffee grounds. What’s not in it? Any dairy, meat products, or rotten food. That’s it. We fill that up, then take it out to the compost pile. Our pile is some bricks laid flat for a “floor” with a chicken wire and wood frame. The top lifts up, and you dump the compost material in. We had beautiful soil for the garden this year from the scraps from last year. That whole year to soil-ify made for some rich, black soil that looks awesome. We’ll see how well it works!

A few tips: remember to take the produce stickers off of your produce. You don’t want that in with your dirt. Also, I recommend a nice-fitting lid on your scrap container, because in the midst of summer heat that bucket will get pretty gnarly smellin’. Seriously. It’s disgusting. I try to throw lots of lemon and citrus in because it makes it smell better. But not much. You get pretty good at whipping that lid off, throwing your stuff in, and putting that lid back on in record time. Also, don’t go spending any cash on a fancy bucket for the counter. Repurpose something you already have! I would also skip spending money on a fancy composter thingy for the yard. You can build a few different types easily if you are at all handy.

We are also using a website called SproutRobot. It’s free for the basic membership, and you put your info in such as geographic location, what veggies and fruits are in your garden, and the program sends you emails when things need to get done. I just got an email last week telling me to plant my parsley directly outside this week and to start seedlings inside. I don’t know much about the site yet, but so far it seems pretty cool! If it can help us get higher yields (or ANY yields in some cases), then it can’t hurt!

Mr. Dawn is also in the process of devising a puppy barrier. The last thing we want in our beautiful soil is doggy doo. I’ll post pics with what he comes up with. He’s terribly clever and will come up with a completely puppy-proof protection plan. Hopefully it will be rabbit-and-other-critter-proof too.

So that’s it for my garden advice, meager as it may be. I’m excited to share with you our adventure of making our own food. That’s about as organic and local and primal as it gets!!

I’ll leave you with my 2 top reasons for eating whole, fresh, nourishing foods:


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