Spring Break and Assorted Thoughts

I’m stuck home with my boys and my puppies this week. I am mostly enjoying it. I am enjoying sleeping in….or at least getting up, crawling to the couch, and sleeping with my boys flopped on me for a few more minutes. Not having to rush around for lunches and homework and snacks and buses. I am enjoying my continued Cave Cleaning Craze. I just cleared the clutter and reorganized the bathroom. It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I am also digging the whole puppy-potty-training progression. They are learning, and every day I am in direct contact with less poo and pee.

Things I am not enjoying so much: J whining and bellyaching every time we have to go somewhere that doesn’t involve something for him. Both boys fighting and tattling. I HATE tattling and do my best to discourage it. Mostly by saying things like, “Well, I guess you’d better figure it out” or “Go settle it yourself”, or even “Why are you telling me this??”.  I have no Me Time this week really. But, oh boy, do I see how much I actually get during regular school days and I am feeling very grateful for it!! Makes me slightly afraid for summer 😉

I’d like to share a new ritual we have over here. At bedtime, we gather on J’s bed and we do “our breathing”. This involves taking about 5 really deep breaths and then we each tell about something good that happened that day. My therapist gave me this idea and I’m so glad she did! It started with just J and I, but then T-Lo got in on the action, and then they’d ask Mr. Dawn when it was his turn for bedtime. At first, I was a little jealous of them doing it with him. I thought it would be a cool thing that they’d remember about me later in life. Then I got over myself and saw that it would benefit Mr. Dawn too! Some nights the boys are super giggly and we can’t really focus and get very deep breaths in, but we always have something good to say. I have been very surprised by J’s things. One night is was that I made tuna patties for dinner, another time it was something that we did or a moment that I thought was pretty insignificant. Some days suck, though, and the only good thing you can say is that it’s over! But some days are like that.

Oh, and random act of silliness at bedtime: It never fails, but T-Lo always always always does a really loud fart when he’s in J’s bed for the breathing. This usually sends all of us into hysterics, cuz hey, farts are funny. He’s 4, and he completely has the timing down. Maybe it’s his little 4 year old way to fight back at his big bro, but I’m thinking he just wants to crack us up.

On my quest for healthier bath and body products, I have made the switch to castile soap for my body wash. I am not crazy about the lavender scent I have now, but it was what I was using in my homemade household cleaners so I just used it because it was there. I have been eyeballing that major brand of soap (Dr. Bronner’s, I think?), which is what I use for my cleaners, but it seems to only come in scents that I’m not crazy about putting on my bod. Think tea tree and peppermint. I have just one word for those “flavors”: ouch. Yeah, you read that right. The ouch is for my lady-parts. Anyway, I found a source for plain unscented castile soap and I am going to order from them and maybe do a review. The castile soap was a little weird at first. It suds up like crazy for a little bit, then it washes off the pouf quickly after that. I also have a problem with it gunking up my bottles. I’ve used to different styles of bottles. One had a pop up thing like dish soap bottles, and the one I’m using now is like sunblock bottles, where you push down one end of the cap and the other side pops up with little holes in it for dispensing the liquid. I find the second one easier to de-gunkify. The way to minimize the gunk is to make sure you close it tight after each use. It will still get gunked up but it will take a little longer.

Okay, I’m off now. I have to run errands with my 2 boys in tow. Wish me luck!! I will leave you with some cute pics:

Zero passed out in his crate.

Luna passed out in her crate:


Okay this isn’t really cute, but it’s me wearing my new spiffy red glasses. Pay no mind to the disaster behind me or my messy bedhead!


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