Poultry, and bacon, and fruit, oh my!!!

I had this whole post written with pics and all. It was beautiful. Then my laptop died. I was so pissed. But I’m back and I’ll try to recapture the wonder of the lost post 🙂

This week’s menus are mostly from The Paleo Recipe Book. I don’t know why. It just worked out that way. The theme for these dinners seem to be some sort of poultry, lots of bacon, and fruit done savory stylee.

Monday-Quiche and leftovers. I haven’t decided on the quiche flavor yet.

TuesdayLow Carb Taco Bake from Food.com.

Wednesday– Mushroom and Hazelnut Chicken and Bacon-Wrapped Peaches. Both from the PRB.

Thursday-Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Pears, from the PRB.

Friday-Ratatouille (from PRB, again!) and my own grilled chicken with my own pesto.

Saturday– Wide open!


I am feeling springy lately. I have windows open, cleaning like crazy still, and wanting lots of fresh, tender fruits and veggies. Oh, and as always, bacon. Bacon bacon bacon. I don’t really think bacon is springy though, do you? Anytime is a good time for bacon!!

Spring break is in full effect in Primal Dawn Headquarters. I would like to have some fun this break. I’m going to take the boys geocaching a few times, I think we might do some driveway art with chalk, maybe some hopscotch and hula hoops, and blowing bubbles, and playing with puppies…..the possibilities are tremendous!!!

Ah, the pups. They are so wonderful, yet so tiring. They have stopped getting me up to go potty a few times each night. Now they sleep through, but they get up at around 6 in the morning for that first potty break. We are training Zero pretty easily, but Luna is proving to be our little rebellious princess! She’s very….how you say….”spirited”??? She’s pushy, jealous, hops a lot (like a bunny, I kid you not), tries to steal Zero’s treats after she inhales her own, pees in her crate (sometimes), and seems to like digging. We have plans to cure the digging, but everything else is just training, training, training. I love her so much though. She gets shorted on affection by the boys sometimes because she’s so in-your-face, but I can handle her and even love her more for it. It’s easy to love a well-behaved, mellow dog like Zero. It’s a little tougher with a “Bad Girl” like Luna!

Here’s the Bad Girl lounging in the sun, not digging her leash at all:

Here’s Mr. Dawn with Luna:

My 2 boys riding a quad in the backyard:

Couldn’t you just die?! Look at Zero’s face. Irresistible:

One Very Cute Pup:

My Pretty Girl by the stove, warming her butt:


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