Things That Have Happened Recently

1- I “virtually” fell of the face of the Earth.

2- I turned 36. I have no feelings about this. I’m rather ambivalent. I don’t think much about numbers in regards to my feelings about myself.

3- I pigged out on sushi. As I got out my chopsticks and readied my soy sauce, my kids and Mr. Dawn sang Happy Birthday to me and it was freakin’ AWESOME!!!

4- I got a 90 on a precalculus II exam. Now all I need to do is maintain. Just maintain.

5- I made a major change in my look. I’m rocking very girly, retro-ish clothes these days. I wear mostly black, white, and shades of gray. I play with accents of vivid colors in my shoes, makeup, and hair accessories.

6-Mr. Dawn and I officially started our garden. We started some seeds indoors and I’m excited to see what happens. Hopefully we’ll see some sprouts soon!

7-What started out as a special meal on my birthday morphed into a few special meals this past week. I am back on track as of today.

8- I didn’t have even one sip of the root beer J had when I took him to see Rio today. I love root beer, too. But, as stated in comment 7, I’m back on track.

9- I’ve cleaned up more than my fair share of dog shit and pee. I am, however, cleaning less and less as the days go by.

10- J helped me play Easter Bunny today. I had a really good time with my big boy, shopping and going to the movies. Just me and J. I love that kid.

11- I helped in J’s class, and a kid stole an orange from one of the other children, and as I was in the hallway working with some students, the principal came down, plucked this kid from class, and walked up and down the hall, having what I can only assume was a very scary conversation. The principal is very tall and it was an impressive scene.

12-I have been on a custard kick. I have loved all but one flavor I’ve made, but the kids aren’t sold on them yet. I keep trying. Have you ever made custard? It’s ridiculously easy and the variations are endless.

13- I have also been on a popsicle kick. I have made 2 different types, a watermelon-mint (omg), and one called “Red, White, and Blueberry”. The white was a cheesecakey flavor. J loved the red one, the grown ups all loved the watermelon-mint. I love that I use real food to make these, versus all the dang ice cream in the freezer at the grocers. I looked over everything and all I kept seeing was sugar sugar sugar and weird things I couldn’t pronounce. I found a list of 50 to try on the interwebs, and I will do my best to work through them this summer!

14- This hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still excited. We are officially getting our grass-fed beef next month!!! We have the freezer primed and rarin’ to go. We are doing the home harvest, so the animal is killed as humanely as possible in a familiar place, versus in a truck with a lot of dirty, scared cows, with the smell of death in the air.

Okay, there’s 14 random things that have gone on, or are going on, in my life. I’m very busy and I haven’t had much time to write, but I’m hoping to have next week’s menus up tomorrow or Monday. Stay healthy, peoples!

Primal Dawn Out!!!

PS: the furbabies, Zero and Luna, are doing well. I am in loooooove!!!


One thought on “Things That Have Happened Recently

  1. Congrats on the garden – how fun. Congrats on Calc. I couldn’t do it if my life depended on it. And the pix of the pups in previous posts – are amazing! Can’t wait to see more. Hope you are doing super, and happy happy birthday!

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