Cave Cleaning CRAZE!!

I’ve been nesting, and no, I am not preggers. I am making a lot of my homemade, natural, non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner. I went to Home Depot for twine and paint chips for a craft and brought home a 4 foot palm that was 11 bucks!! You cannot find any plant that’s 4 feet tall for 11 bucks!! Well, you can’t, but I can 😀 I completely emptied and organized the refrigerator:

Yes, that would be some Ragu that we’re trying to use up (purchased at BJ’s before primal goodness!), and YES those would be labels that I made using waterproof medical tape and a Sharpie. Can you say OCD??? Mr. Dawn is always complaining that he can’t find anything, so now he’s got no excuse. The leftover shelf even says, “Leftovers…EAT ME!!” with an arrow pointing up to the shelf.

In my nesting craze, I have gone through my closet. Yes, even waaaay in the back where all the tiny clothes hide and the things I NEVER ever wear! I have recently had myself a style epiphany and am pruning my wardrobe to bring it in line with my style mission. You should see the closet. It’s a freaking miracle! You can actually slide the hangers back and forth, and I even grouped everything. You have skirt/pants/bottoms, tops, dresses. I wear a LOT of dresses, so these are right up front and center. Even though it’s not remotely related to anything primal, I may do a post on my personal style. I get looks and comments a lot on my look, and I realize I’ve never shared. You are more than welcome to skip any post titled “PD Fashion” or “Yes, Your Kid Can Stare At Me. I Don’t Mind”, since I seem to get a lot of little kids staring at the drugstore or supermarket. Pink hair and sparkly eyes will do that. Anyway….

I cleaned, purged, and re-organized the counter where we dump everything. You know, the one in the kitchen where you plop the mail, kid’s artwork you want to save, keys, purse, pencil cups…..yeah, that one. I went for a minimalist feel, so things that didn’t need to be there were tossed, found another “home” in the house, or got put away where they are supposed to go. Novel idea, I know. Putting things where they go…I’m so outrageous!!

My cave has never been so bright and cheery!

In other news, we have started the “garden process”. I will share what exactly we are planting this year and how we do it. I don’t know a lot, it’s really Mr. Dawn’s thing, but I did pick the seeds!! I’m hoping to get a little more involved. You know, other than the occasional watering if Mr. Dawn is getting home late, and cooking whatever he brings in. We did all heirloom seeds this year. Should be interesting. As always, stay tuned!

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