Parenting 101

I’m posting this in response to the jackasses who want to ban toys in kid’s fast food meals:

You are the parent. You are driving and you come across a fast food joint. Your kid starts begging and whining for a crappy meal. Here’s a novel idea: YOU SAY NO and continue past the place!!!

I can’t even fathom what mentality it takes to think that you need to protect the masses from eating food that’s not good for them.  For one, who thought it up and brought it to their representative? And two, what politician takes on something like this???

We say we want smaller government. We want them out of our bedrooms, right? We want the “less is more” package, please! But then stuff like this comes along, and I am left completely flabbergasted at the balls it takes to think that some stupid toy included with the mystery nuggets and french fries fried in canola oil (cuz, you know that’s so healthy….did you know they used to use beef tallow to fry them, then when they made all saturated fats the Devil, they ran to use “heart-healthy” canola oil?)…that that stupid toy is the culprit of all the nation’s obesity problems!!!

Ahhh…but I digress. I guess my main points would be that I don’t really need the government parenting for me, I’m quite capable of handling meals myself, and do we really want a world where we completely disconnect from parenting our kids? Of taking the easy way out? Getting someone else to do your dirty work so your kids will still like you?  Pathetic. My kids eat those meals maybe 2 or 3 times a year. It’s always a surprise, and I love that they flip out when they see where we are going. They love that cheap little toy they get, and I love seeing them enjoy it. Because it’s special. It’s not an everyday thing. And now, I guess, I need to be saved from myself and the horrible things I’m doing to my kids!!

Parent. It is not only a title, but it’s a verb. If your kid runs the show in your house and you need Uncle Sam to play Good Cop/Bad Cop with you, maybe you should reconsider this whole reproducing thing.

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