I figure I’ve been off-course recently with this PRIMAL blog. So here’s a sampling of some recent eats:

I was knocked out of ketosis on March 30 (Wednesday) and this is why…

-coffee with heavy cream (yes, I’m back on the hard stuff most days)


-3 FREAKING CUPS OF DELICIOUS PINEAPPLE!!! I told myself I didn’t want it to go bad. My sweetie brought it for me not realizing I had forsaken my favorite fruit for now.

-Chicken Marsala

Then, by April 1, 2 days later, I was turning those little sticks pink again. Oh happy day. Here’s what I was chowing on…

-coffee with heavy cream

-earl grey tea with cream

-beef stew (2 bowls)

-string cheese

All days of delicious eating!!! And you know something? That pineapple wouldn’t even count as a transgression if I had kept my portion size under control!!! A little snack of some fruit here and there won’t bother most, but 3 cups will  most certainly wreak a little havoc.

I am like a little efficiency expert these days. I’m making little to-do lists, planning meals….

So here are this week’s dinners:

Tonight: Roasted Chicken and Taters–I got these little tiny potatoes at the store the other day. They are so adorable, if a potato could ever be considered adorable. I am allowing potatoes once a week when I want. Only once though. This recipe is all mine.

Tuesday: Low Carb Taco Bake–This one came from I may make a few alterations.

Wednesday: Fish Sticks— I don’t have a recipe in mind yet. I’m going to check a few primal versions here and there and do my own thing. The last recipe I tried was an epic disaster and I ended up tossing at least a pound of fresh fish. I was PISSED. There was no saving it, and believe me I tried.

Thursday: Thai Curry Pork Wraps— The other day I tried these, a mod from again, and I SWEAR the next day Andreanna over at Life As A Plate posted this. Freaky. Since I made these the first time, we’ve eaten them once a week. We all love them. We use the inner romaine leaves. They have a nice foldy/cuppy shape that holds the meat mixture nicely.

Friday: Pizza Night–I have to confess, I’ve changed my pizza crust recipe. Andreanna’s rocked,  but we tried this one and the little people in the house preferred it. It’s a little easier to roll out, but used a freakin’ BUTT LOAD of cheese. I use one 2 pound block of mozzarella every Pizza Night, between the crust and the topping. This recipe is very sturdy and can hold a lot of toppings.

Saturday: Tuna Cakes/Patties–It a cake or a patty?? I have yet to decide. J loves these. It’s my own concoction and I have to use 4 cans of tuna at this point. I am cringing at the thought of how many I’ll need in a year or two as these boys grow 🙂 I remember at one point, myself, one of my sisters, and 2 of my brothers were all teens at once. We were 2 years apart (stepsiblings), and between the 4 of us and we’d eat entire boxes of cereal. As in plural…boxES. Crazy.

And because I’m not a total OCD-Psycho (I swear, I’m not!!), I’m leaving Sunday open to my whims!!! Ha.

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