I Think I’m Ready

Ready to get a job. Just part time. I can work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So what kind of job do I want? Well, a Sally Beauty Supply just opened last week by us, and I looooove make-up and all things girly, so it’s a perfect fit!! I don’t need big bucks, I just wanna bring in a little extra moolah and have fun with makeup!! I picked up an application today and I’ll drop it over tomorrow. I have been in the store twice, and I have chatted up all the girls there. I like to think I have a unique look, so I would be a great fit!! I’m enthusiastic about make-up. I could totally sell that stuff!! Stay tuned. Wish me luck and all that jazz!

The pups are doing really well. I love them so much!! The boys are getting used to them now and it’s so cool watching them develop their relationship with these little puppies.

So, on to nutritiony type things. I have been “practically perfect in every way” (what’s that quote from?). I’m trying new recipes each week and some are hits and some are not.

I have tons and tons of energy these days. Positivity is oozing out of me. I can see that my energy/vibe is drawing good things my way. I had to go through some red tape last week up at the college, and I really made an effort to be positive and warm. I called people by their first names while talking to them. I smiled a lot. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. True dat. And I ended up having a pleasant experience, got exactly what I needed with minimal fuss, and I like to think I was a light in someone’s day. It really is true: what you put out there you get back tenfold.

What are you putting out there? Are you even aware of it? Try thinking positive a day this week. Don’t let any negative thoughts take hold. As soon as you notice a negative thought, think about a way to word it or look at it in a better way. I was stuck in traffic last week, and I figured that the traffic slowed me down so that I didn’t get in an accident up ahead. Something negative could happen to you, but making your brain twist it to a happier tune does wonders for your vibe. And you will attract good stuff. I promise. So yeah, I’m a little Pollyanna today. And I’m okay with that.



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