I Got A New Way To Walk

“Walk walk….”

Ah yes, the fabulous Oinker Sisters, kickin’ it old skool!!

So yeah, I’m walking in these:

Vibram Fivefinger Sprints, black, size 39!!! I keep getting beat to the punch, because Hot And Healthy Mom (aka Lea) has a post up about these, and she even discusses the feeling of the mud she stepped in!! I posted on facebook about the mud situation. I was out geocaching with my family and when I stepped in the mud it felt soooo weird. Almost like being barefoot, except my toes were kept clean and pristine in their individual cozy little homes.

I agree with just about everything in her post. The pros and cons are right on. I have had people laugh (Mr. Dawn and J’s dad!!), ask a million questions, and others are going to buy some and asked how I got mine (eBay). I wear these probably 75% of the time now. They cramp my style sometimes, but I don’t care. Like if I’m wearing a super girly skirt, tank, polka dotted cardigan, bow in the hair….then you get to my feet and uh….does not compute!!!!

I love being barefoot and have been known to run out sans shoes in winter. These shoes are awesome for that feeling. I am already plotting my next pair. I think I’ll get a more covered style in a pink or red. It’s very nice to feel the ground beneath you. I can feel sand, mud, gravel, pavement, grass, everything! The first day or two, my feet were a little sore, especially my right big toe. I don’t know what that was about, I guess my muscles getting used to the odd separated-toe thing. Now I’m fine though and I’ve noticed that my naked toes are much flatter on the ground and spread out a little more. I don’t have that pinky toe smush thing. You know, when the last two toes are like conjoined twins??

So that’s all from the PD Headquarters. I have a 6 page paper about Harriet Tubman due tomorrow morning. How much have I written? 1 page. Yup. I’m one of those people. And, oddly enough, when it comes to writing papers, I usually get high grades, even with procrastination. You can hate me now. But then you can think about my math scores and laugh. And point. Or both.

Also, I’m working on a recipe page. I have a few I’ve posted and I haven’t been using the tagging feature correctly, so I’m trying to find them all and make a separate page.


‘Poo Withdrawal and Menu

Well, I said I was going to do it, and Easter Sunday it happened:

I finally ran out of shampoo!!!

I took a deep breath, eyeballed the little plastic tupperware thingy on the shower ledge. It contained pure baking soda. Nuttin’ else. How do I do this?? Do I just shake some on my hand? Do I make a paste or something?? What about my hair color (which is blue right now, btw)??

I’ve heard about the ugly side of giving up the ‘poo. Apparently the hair rebels and gets all gross for a few days. Well, I can confirm that yes, my hair is gross right now. It feels greasy, stringy (well, stringier…), and looks limper than usual. I have very fine hair, so this is very noticeable on me!!

I do have a strategy, though. I’m making use of headbands with flowers on them, bandanas, hats…..plenty of coverage to distract from the oil slick that is my head these days.

I cracked too. I saw a bottle of all-natural, no chemical or harsh stuff shampoo and it was half off. HALF OFF. I couldn’t resist. So my getting off the ‘poo is not final. I’m doing an outpatient program with the equivalent of the shampoo patch. I’m stepping down gradually, like those nicotine commercials 🙂 Don’t judge. Okay, you can judge, but I won’t care. I just bought it today, so we’ll see how it works out.

Would you like to know what we’re eating here this week? You would?? Okay!!!

Monday–chicken with pesto, yum!!

Tuesday–Cabbage Roll Casserole

Wednesday (today)–Burgers! Mr. Dawn’s favorite!

Thursday–A spicy pork stew with sweet potatoes, turnips, and chipotle….should be interesting.

Friday–Bacon jalapeno poppers for big people, ravioli for little peeps

Saturday–Peachy Chicken Salad from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. This is so good and we’ll be having this a lot this summer!!!

I only have 3-4 more weeks of school!! Then on to things I can’t really do while in school-mode, like sewing, like being crafty, like hula hooping, like reading books just for fun…ahhh the world is my crafty-literary-whirling-dervish oyster!!!

Hoppy Easter Or Whatever Holiday You Celebrate Or Don’t Celebrate

There. I think that covers it.

So Easter is great over here at PD headquarters. It was my first one without J, though. That’s a little bittersweet. On the one hand, he’s gaining a bigger family which equals more love in his life. He’s getting 2 new stepbrothers and a stepmom who I like well enough. On the other hand, it’s the first time I’ve ever not had him get up and shout about how cool something in his basket is, or go on the egg hunt. BUT…I did gain some extra special time with T-Lo this morning before Mr. Dawn woke up. That was special. Here’s how some of it looked:

T blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk (whole organic milk and homemade chocolate syrup of course)

Easter feet are happy feet:

After their photo shoot:

The Easter-y Duo:

Embarrassing photo of Luna we can show her boyfriend some day:

We can’t leave Zero out, though!!

Mr. Dawn’s alter ego, Ladybug Man!! Erm….Machobug Man, or something or other……

And his sidekick, L-Bug!!

Okay, it’s really T-Lo…..

And last, but certainly not least, CaveLadyBug!!! Complete with kung fu grip and awesome hairdo!!

I have loads of things I’m pondering and want to share. I’ve tried some new things. Successes. Failures. But it really is “all good”. 🙂 I will get my thoughts and stuff in some sort of order and I’ll drag you all along with me! Stay tuned….

Garden v3.0

I think I’ve told y’all that we’ve got our garden going on here. We started some seeds inside last Sunday, and we’ve got some little shoots coming up now. I wanted to share what we’ve got this year. Everything came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:

-Purple bell peppers

-These beautiful Dragon’s Egg cucumbers, they look like creamy colored eggs. I have visions of my kids running around the sunny backyard (in slow motion, of course, and maybe dressed in fancy colorful clothes….) holding these cute little cukes. They LOVE cucumbers, so this is not so far-fetched. Except for the fancy clothing and slow motion bit.

-Purple pole bean…I have no idea what this is, I just wanted something like a green bean to try.

-a melon that is small and looks like a cantaloupe.

-2 types of tomatoes, a stripey one and a deep, blood-colored one called “Black from Tula”. I love that name!






-red romaine (this came as a free gift with our order!)

-I threw some aster seeds from last year in with the seed pots, I don’t know if they will grow, and I’ve never grown flowers from seed. We shall see! Or, not see. Whatever.

I know there’s more, but I’m too lazy to go downstairs and fetch the catalog right this second. I highly recommend ordering a catalog. Gorgeous glossy photos of so many different fruits and veggies. Way better than online shopping. I am a diehard online bargain hunter, so that’s saying something. There is something about having a beautiful catalog in your hands to drool over and dream. The watermelon and tomato sections are particularly swoon-inducing. And so many strange and exotic varieties of the basics, they seem not-so-basic anymore:)

I would like  to also share how we compost. I know there’s a million different ways and theories, but basically everything is trial and error. We use a bucket from our SAD (Standard American Diet) days:

Here’s the backside so you can see what’s in it:

What’s in it? We’ve got all fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, and used coffee grounds. What’s not in it? Any dairy, meat products, or rotten food. That’s it. We fill that up, then take it out to the compost pile. Our pile is some bricks laid flat for a “floor” with a chicken wire and wood frame. The top lifts up, and you dump the compost material in. We had beautiful soil for the garden this year from the scraps from last year. That whole year to soil-ify made for some rich, black soil that looks awesome. We’ll see how well it works!

A few tips: remember to take the produce stickers off of your produce. You don’t want that in with your dirt. Also, I recommend a nice-fitting lid on your scrap container, because in the midst of summer heat that bucket will get pretty gnarly smellin’. Seriously. It’s disgusting. I try to throw lots of lemon and citrus in because it makes it smell better. But not much. You get pretty good at whipping that lid off, throwing your stuff in, and putting that lid back on in record time. Also, don’t go spending any cash on a fancy bucket for the counter. Repurpose something you already have! I would also skip spending money on a fancy composter thingy for the yard. You can build a few different types easily if you are at all handy.

We are also using a website called SproutRobot. It’s free for the basic membership, and you put your info in such as geographic location, what veggies and fruits are in your garden, and the program sends you emails when things need to get done. I just got an email last week telling me to plant my parsley directly outside this week and to start seedlings inside. I don’t know much about the site yet, but so far it seems pretty cool! If it can help us get higher yields (or ANY yields in some cases), then it can’t hurt!

Mr. Dawn is also in the process of devising a puppy barrier. The last thing we want in our beautiful soil is doggy doo. I’ll post pics with what he comes up with. He’s terribly clever and will come up with a completely puppy-proof protection plan. Hopefully it will be rabbit-and-other-critter-proof too.

So that’s it for my garden advice, meager as it may be. I’m excited to share with you our adventure of making our own food. That’s about as organic and local and primal as it gets!!

I’ll leave you with my 2 top reasons for eating whole, fresh, nourishing foods:

Spring Break and Assorted Thoughts

I’m stuck home with my boys and my puppies this week. I am mostly enjoying it. I am enjoying sleeping in….or at least getting up, crawling to the couch, and sleeping with my boys flopped on me for a few more minutes. Not having to rush around for lunches and homework and snacks and buses. I am enjoying my continued Cave Cleaning Craze. I just cleared the clutter and reorganized the bathroom. It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I am also digging the whole puppy-potty-training progression. They are learning, and every day I am in direct contact with less poo and pee.

Things I am not enjoying so much: J whining and bellyaching every time we have to go somewhere that doesn’t involve something for him. Both boys fighting and tattling. I HATE tattling and do my best to discourage it. Mostly by saying things like, “Well, I guess you’d better figure it out” or “Go settle it yourself”, or even “Why are you telling me this??”.  I have no Me Time this week really. But, oh boy, do I see how much I actually get during regular school days and I am feeling very grateful for it!! Makes me slightly afraid for summer 😉

I’d like to share a new ritual we have over here. At bedtime, we gather on J’s bed and we do “our breathing”. This involves taking about 5 really deep breaths and then we each tell about something good that happened that day. My therapist gave me this idea and I’m so glad she did! It started with just J and I, but then T-Lo got in on the action, and then they’d ask Mr. Dawn when it was his turn for bedtime. At first, I was a little jealous of them doing it with him. I thought it would be a cool thing that they’d remember about me later in life. Then I got over myself and saw that it would benefit Mr. Dawn too! Some nights the boys are super giggly and we can’t really focus and get very deep breaths in, but we always have something good to say. I have been very surprised by J’s things. One night is was that I made tuna patties for dinner, another time it was something that we did or a moment that I thought was pretty insignificant. Some days suck, though, and the only good thing you can say is that it’s over! But some days are like that.

Oh, and random act of silliness at bedtime: It never fails, but T-Lo always always always does a really loud fart when he’s in J’s bed for the breathing. This usually sends all of us into hysterics, cuz hey, farts are funny. He’s 4, and he completely has the timing down. Maybe it’s his little 4 year old way to fight back at his big bro, but I’m thinking he just wants to crack us up.

On my quest for healthier bath and body products, I have made the switch to castile soap for my body wash. I am not crazy about the lavender scent I have now, but it was what I was using in my homemade household cleaners so I just used it because it was there. I have been eyeballing that major brand of soap (Dr. Bronner’s, I think?), which is what I use for my cleaners, but it seems to only come in scents that I’m not crazy about putting on my bod. Think tea tree and peppermint. I have just one word for those “flavors”: ouch. Yeah, you read that right. The ouch is for my lady-parts. Anyway, I found a source for plain unscented castile soap and I am going to order from them and maybe do a review. The castile soap was a little weird at first. It suds up like crazy for a little bit, then it washes off the pouf quickly after that. I also have a problem with it gunking up my bottles. I’ve used to different styles of bottles. One had a pop up thing like dish soap bottles, and the one I’m using now is like sunblock bottles, where you push down one end of the cap and the other side pops up with little holes in it for dispensing the liquid. I find the second one easier to de-gunkify. The way to minimize the gunk is to make sure you close it tight after each use. It will still get gunked up but it will take a little longer.

Okay, I’m off now. I have to run errands with my 2 boys in tow. Wish me luck!! I will leave you with some cute pics:

Zero passed out in his crate.

Luna passed out in her crate:


Okay this isn’t really cute, but it’s me wearing my new spiffy red glasses. Pay no mind to the disaster behind me or my messy bedhead!

Poultry, and bacon, and fruit, oh my!!!

I had this whole post written with pics and all. It was beautiful. Then my laptop died. I was so pissed. But I’m back and I’ll try to recapture the wonder of the lost post 🙂

This week’s menus are mostly from The Paleo Recipe Book. I don’t know why. It just worked out that way. The theme for these dinners seem to be some sort of poultry, lots of bacon, and fruit done savory stylee.

Monday-Quiche and leftovers. I haven’t decided on the quiche flavor yet.

TuesdayLow Carb Taco Bake from Food.com.

Wednesday– Mushroom and Hazelnut Chicken and Bacon-Wrapped Peaches. Both from the PRB.

Thursday-Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Pears, from the PRB.

Friday-Ratatouille (from PRB, again!) and my own grilled chicken with my own pesto.

Saturday– Wide open!


I am feeling springy lately. I have windows open, cleaning like crazy still, and wanting lots of fresh, tender fruits and veggies. Oh, and as always, bacon. Bacon bacon bacon. I don’t really think bacon is springy though, do you? Anytime is a good time for bacon!!

Spring break is in full effect in Primal Dawn Headquarters. I would like to have some fun this break. I’m going to take the boys geocaching a few times, I think we might do some driveway art with chalk, maybe some hopscotch and hula hoops, and blowing bubbles, and playing with puppies…..the possibilities are tremendous!!!

Ah, the pups. They are so wonderful, yet so tiring. They have stopped getting me up to go potty a few times each night. Now they sleep through, but they get up at around 6 in the morning for that first potty break. We are training Zero pretty easily, but Luna is proving to be our little rebellious princess! She’s very….how you say….”spirited”??? She’s pushy, jealous, hops a lot (like a bunny, I kid you not), tries to steal Zero’s treats after she inhales her own, pees in her crate (sometimes), and seems to like digging. We have plans to cure the digging, but everything else is just training, training, training. I love her so much though. She gets shorted on affection by the boys sometimes because she’s so in-your-face, but I can handle her and even love her more for it. It’s easy to love a well-behaved, mellow dog like Zero. It’s a little tougher with a “Bad Girl” like Luna!

Here’s the Bad Girl lounging in the sun, not digging her leash at all:

Here’s Mr. Dawn with Luna:

My 2 boys riding a quad in the backyard:

Couldn’t you just die?! Look at Zero’s face. Irresistible:

One Very Cute Pup:

My Pretty Girl by the stove, warming her butt:

Things That Have Happened Recently

1- I “virtually” fell of the face of the Earth.

2- I turned 36. I have no feelings about this. I’m rather ambivalent. I don’t think much about numbers in regards to my feelings about myself.

3- I pigged out on sushi. As I got out my chopsticks and readied my soy sauce, my kids and Mr. Dawn sang Happy Birthday to me and it was freakin’ AWESOME!!!

4- I got a 90 on a precalculus II exam. Now all I need to do is maintain. Just maintain.

5- I made a major change in my look. I’m rocking very girly, retro-ish clothes these days. I wear mostly black, white, and shades of gray. I play with accents of vivid colors in my shoes, makeup, and hair accessories.

6-Mr. Dawn and I officially started our garden. We started some seeds indoors and I’m excited to see what happens. Hopefully we’ll see some sprouts soon!

7-What started out as a special meal on my birthday morphed into a few special meals this past week. I am back on track as of today.

8- I didn’t have even one sip of the root beer J had when I took him to see Rio today. I love root beer, too. But, as stated in comment 7, I’m back on track.

9- I’ve cleaned up more than my fair share of dog shit and pee. I am, however, cleaning less and less as the days go by.

10- J helped me play Easter Bunny today. I had a really good time with my big boy, shopping and going to the movies. Just me and J. I love that kid.

11- I helped in J’s class, and a kid stole an orange from one of the other children, and as I was in the hallway working with some students, the principal came down, plucked this kid from class, and walked up and down the hall, having what I can only assume was a very scary conversation. The principal is very tall and it was an impressive scene.

12-I have been on a custard kick. I have loved all but one flavor I’ve made, but the kids aren’t sold on them yet. I keep trying. Have you ever made custard? It’s ridiculously easy and the variations are endless.

13- I have also been on a popsicle kick. I have made 2 different types, a watermelon-mint (omg), and one called “Red, White, and Blueberry”. The white was a cheesecakey flavor. J loved the red one, the grown ups all loved the watermelon-mint. I love that I use real food to make these, versus all the dang ice cream in the freezer at the grocers. I looked over everything and all I kept seeing was sugar sugar sugar and weird things I couldn’t pronounce. I found a list of 50 to try on the interwebs, and I will do my best to work through them this summer!

14- This hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still excited. We are officially getting our grass-fed beef next month!!! We have the freezer primed and rarin’ to go. We are doing the home harvest, so the animal is killed as humanely as possible in a familiar place, versus in a truck with a lot of dirty, scared cows, with the smell of death in the air.

Okay, there’s 14 random things that have gone on, or are going on, in my life. I’m very busy and I haven’t had much time to write, but I’m hoping to have next week’s menus up tomorrow or Monday. Stay healthy, peoples!

Primal Dawn Out!!!

PS: the furbabies, Zero and Luna, are doing well. I am in loooooove!!!

This Week’s Menus

Hi there! I’ve just finished deciding on what the menu’s for the week will be. Our house is super busy Monday through Thursday. We’ve got swim class Monday and Wednesday, and the boys have to eat after, as I don’t want them burping or feeling heavy for swimming. However, once we get home, it’s a steady rush to bedtime what with dinner, baths, nebulizer treatments (for T-Lo), and setting up lunches and backpacks for the next day. Wednesday nights I also see my therapist, so Mr. Dawn and I say hello-goodbye as soon as he walks in the door. Dinner on Wednesdays needs to be super quick or leftovers. Last Wednesday was some nitrate-free cold cuts, some cucumbers with balsamic dressing, and sliced apples. And guess what? They loved it! That brings me to our Tuesday/Thursday madness, where I need to be in precalculus 2 class at 6pm. The boys have to eat dinner around 4:30 so we can be at the sitter’s and I can get to class.

Is it any wonder I’m growing to LOVE Fridays?? I have a little time to myself with the boys in school, time with Mr. Dawn, and then when the boys DO get home, we get to hang out and not follow a schedule.

On to the planned eats this week!

Monday–Blueberry Spinach Salad with Shrimp Fritters…the salad is out of the free magazine at the health food store, and the fritters are out of The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook.

Tuesday–Pork Stew in Tomatillo Sauce (slow cooker), and some sort of veggie (probably broccoli)…this recipe is out of The Gourmet Slow Cooker, the broccoli is my usual: steam in small amount of broth, with garlic, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and oil.

Wednesday–Simple pan-fried salmon and a salad. (This is that super busy night!!!)

Thursday–Italian Pot Roast and Brussels Sprouts With Browned Butter and Hazelnuts (both from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook)

Friday–Tuna patties with corn (for boys), scrounged-up veg for the grown ups. Fridays used to be pizza, but J has recently expressed displeasure at it, so since he’s all fired up about tuna patties now, we’ll do that for a while!!

The weekend is impromptu. I like to just play it by ear. You never know if you will be out and about running errands or maybe something fun like geocaching, so I like to leave it open. If I’m in the mood, we could get really gourmet and involved, or it could be simple like cold cuts or leftovers.


Yep, look over there on the right—————>

I made a Facebook page!!! I’m excited, because this way I can share so much of my day to day stuff that may not make for a cohesive post. I have posted a few links to books and recipes I am trying out. Hop on over and let’s be friends!!