Going To The Dogs

Say hello to Luna:

And her brother, Zero:

We are loving puppy life. It’s very hectic right now, between everyone’s schedules and the puppies’ routine. Plenty of mess and accidents, but also plenty of  “awww…” and talking in weird “puppy” voice. I use this voice that apparently freaks Mr. Dawn out. I don’t care, I’m talking to my pups and they love it!!! My boys are a little overwhelmed with puppy energy now, but we are slowly acclimating everyone to the rules of dealing with things like nipping (no teeth are allowed EVER on anyone) and jumping up. Jumping up freaks T-Lo out because when Luna goes upright on him, she’s almost eye level with my little guy! Scary if you’ve never been around animals at all. So we have some training going on.

I gave the pups their first bath last night. They got to bathe in the luxurious stainless steel kitchen sink, with the sprayer! They smell much better. I did notice something very strange though. The ingredients of the puppy shampoo are as follows: Water, Mild Coconut Cleanser, Colloidal Oatmeal, Hydrolized Wheat Protein. What The Eff??? Why is the freaking puppy shampoo waaaaay simpler than the shit I’ve been rubbing on my family for years? I am seriously, seriously…..no, SERIOUSLY thinking of switching us all to puppy shampoo! I do want to investigate the “mild coconut cleanser”. That sounds a little shady. No sodium laureth sulfate in sight. I’m officially annoyed. Dogs stink (well, some dogs). If that list is good enough for them, than wouldn’t it work for humans????

My diet has been stellar since I started my challenge. However, I knocked myself right out of ketosis by giving in to my one fruit temptation: fresh, cold pineapple. Yum. Totally worth it. I’ll get back into my happy ketosis state in a day or two. I’m still rocking the lunches for the boys. Lots of meats, fruits, and veggies. They love them!

Oh, I have some academic news!!! As of the Fall 2011 semester, starting in September, I am officially accepted into the Liberal Arts Adolescent Education–Biology Emphasis program!!! I will attend the school I’m in now for another 3 or 4 semesters (depending on how I can work it), then transfer to another school to get my B.S. degree!!! *snicker* B.S. degree……:) I can think of plenty of people who must certainly have B.S. degrees!

That’s all the news here from Primal Dawn Headquarters!! Reading, writing, arithmetic….and puppy poo.


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