Cookie Experiment, Part Deux…and PUPPIES!!

I don’t know why I suddenly became French, but I’m goin’ with it!

My boys have been deprived of some of the goodies of childhood. Namely cookies and chips. I’ll handle the chips later, but we’ve been on a cookie mission every few weeks or so. Yesterday we tried another recipe, and I thought it was yummy, but J only ate one. One cookie. And we put two on his plate. Not a good sign. So it’s back to the drawing board. The first experiment was with a standard chocolate chip and the texture was too crumbly. It didn’t hold together well. This second cookie had a much better texture, but I think J didn’t care for the flavor as much. It had coconut, and I’m not sure if he liked it. I will keep you posted on our search for the Holy Grail of Cookiedom.

I’m packing their lunches, but not taking pics, so I am out of the Lunch challenge again this week. Yikes. I’ve been so focused on school and getting the lunches packed and all my other responsibilities that I’ve been neglecting my camera!

Oooooooh! I have to share: We are bringing home 2 lovely American Bulldog-Boxer mix pups on Monday or Tuesday!!! We aren’t positive on the Boxer part, but the mother is a beautiful white American Bulldog. We went and met the adoption woman at the vet. She had 4 pups with her. There are 11 in the litter, and we had our eyes on a few strictly from photos. We looked at 2 females and 2 males. We figured we would get a boy-girl combo. IF we got two. There was no guarantee. We all sat on the floor and opened the carriers. They came peeking out very shyly and slowly. Then they came out and said “Hi!”. They gradually started warming up, chewing on fingers and toppling over and doing that puppy-hop thing. One itty-bitty boy gravitated towards J. It was love at first sight! J talked about that pup all night and then next day.  It’s very cute because they had similar personalities! A little calmer, a little shy. It was so neat to see my boy so in love with a pet. T-Lo was a little overwhelmed because he’s all of 30 pounds, and these pups were licking his face, chewing his fingers, and he was not having it. He liked them, he’s just never been around dogs and it was a bit much! To go with our itty-bitty boy (he was smaller than his siblings), we picked a very hearty female who was also a little calmer. She has gorgeous coloring!

So, onto names! We already named the boy Zero, after Jack Skellington’s dog in Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic in PD Headquarters. For the female we have a few options. Mora, Chaos, Akuma, or Cypher. Mora is some sort of deity, Akuma is a Japanese deity, Chaos is well…chaos, and Cypher is kinda clever because it also means “zero” or “nothing”. I may try to talk the family into another Tim Burton character name. Mrs. Lovett maybe??

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