The Low Fat Scourge

Can someone please explain to me why my kids cannot get whole milk at school? This is really annoying me. I feel like I’d be sending them in with contraband or something. I called T-Lo’s school to ask that he get milk when I send him with his lunch, since I only send him in with water. I asked for whole milk. The teacher told me they only serve 2%. What??? So I guess he can have it for now, but I’m gonna have to come up with something. Or just keep sending only water in. He can get milk at home that’s organic and full of lovely fat anyway. So there.

My challenge is in full swing today! Day 2 and going strong. I have kept the carbs down and cut out the honey in my tea and occasional cup of coffee. It’s been good. I feel committed and healthy and so….

peaceful. I think that’s the right word. It’s not just the challenge, it’s me. I’m learning to step back to see my issues, my ego, and I’m taking steps to correct myself and the way I deal with everyone. It’s making me a lot happier and calm. Anger and negativity are so insipid and you don’t even notice most of the time how many toxic thoughts you might have in a day. Not that I’m walking around all pissed off and depressed, in fact I kind of thought I was a pretty happy person. But I have noticed a difference since making a concerted effort to be loving and kind. I’m a work in progress at all times, so I can only get better and better, right??

Oh, and speaking of better and better……we are adding 2 new family members to Primal Dawn Headquarters!!! 2 sweet new puppies. American Bulldog and Boxer mix. We are going to meet 4 tonight (as a family), 2 boys and 2 girls, and decide if we want 2, first of all, and then which 2. We might bring home just one, but we are thinking we’d like them to be buddies and keep each other company when nobody’s home. The boys are super excited, and so are we!!! It’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of poop, but I think we’re up to it as a family now.

Stay tuned for crazy adorable pics of puppies frolicking and sleeping and doing lots of cute puppy stuff 🙂


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