Ready To Rumble!

Alright, I’m all ready for my FatSecret challenge to start! Click on that link there to go to the original post. Which actually was my last post, so you could also just scroll down…..duh. I’m focusing on boxing 3 days a week, my pushups on non-boxing days, and rocking the hell outta this challenge. I am going to weigh myself and do some measurements tomorrow morning. It’s gonna hurt, but I really want to see how far I can take this and the only way to measure how far I’ve come is to know where I started, right? This weekend I kind of thought I might have that “last hurrah” mentality. You know, where you eat a bunch of shit that you shouldn’t just because you just know you’re gonna feel all deprived when your “diet” starts? Yeah, well I totally had none of that. None. The only thing I really indulged in was the honey in my tea. But I was already doing that, and I didn’t eat any extra honey, I just had my usual. So, not much of an indulgence. Damn. I shoulda had those Doritos. Just kidding. Sorta.

I am also proud to join the The Real Food LunchBox Carnival over at Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary. This mama was the main inspiration for me to get my kids going primal for school lunch! I even stole copied her exact lunch box! What’s that phrase about imitation and flattery? Yeah. So, I just figured out how to add her logo down over there on my sidebar to the right. Click the linky, go visit, get inspired, and pack those lunches! So, I’m proud to announce my inaugural lunchbox photo. I missed the first week’s submission deadline, but I’ll have mine up for this week. I already told you guys what I packed last Monday, but here it is in glorious blurry digital wonderfulness:

See, there’s some leftover roasted chicken, an apple, some cucumbers with homemade balsamic dressing, and organic whole milk yogurt with honey.

I have a fresh batch of my homemade yogurt now, so I’m saving big bucks there. I packed T-Lo’s lunch tonight and it has:


-steamed shrimp

-red pepper strips

-yogurt with real maple syrup

T-Lo absolutely LOVES peppers. For real. Whenever I’m cooking and I’m chopping peppers, I have a kitchen buddy. I see those little fingers pop up over the counter and feel around and steal my peppers! He eats so many, he usually doesn’t eat much dinner. But hey, I will never stop one of my kids from eating veggies. It’s just not gonna happen. I mean, call it crazy, but I’m just not. And the cantaloupe? The boys polished off a whole melon a few days ago. In one sitting. Granted, it was a smallish melon, but still. I was giving them little bowls, and they just kept coming back, so I finally just put the whole bowl on the table.

I was digging around in our cabinets today, looking for some lunch for T-Lo today. I ended up biting the bullet, as in I got rid of a ton of the food we no longer eat!. I ended up with around 8 cans of various beans, a can of cranberry sauce (HFCS anyone?), some bulgur, whole wheat flour, and white all-purpose flour. I threw the grains in the trash, but I’m going to donate the cans somewhere. I know you’re always told to throw that stuff out when you embark on a diet change, but I just never did it.

Here’s my eats for today:

-earl grey with honey and half and half

-4 oz. steamed shrimp

-Thai curry pork lettuce wraps (I adapted it from a recipe on, I’ll post soon)

-homemade kombucha

-more tea

That puts me a little low for the day at around 1350 calories. I will probably snack on some nuts or cheese later, just to bump that up a little.

Well, that’s it for me for now. Thank you for joining me on this crazy blog:) Stay tuned for some kick-ass results!


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