Monday is when my challenge on FatSecret starts. It’s a 3 month challenge and I’m going to set some goals in each phase. I will start easy. I’m going to do the FatSecret challenge, which is to eliminate the not-so-primal foods in my diet and get back to the good old basics. I’m also going to add 2 more mini-goals. My tendency is to go all out and burn myself out and feel like a failure because I end up not doing anything I set out to do. Just read some of my older posts and you’ll see this pattern

I’m going to go boxing 3 times a week and start this Push Up program. One of my goals in the beginning of the year was to be able to do 10 regular push ups. Not girly style (on the knees). Real push ups. I see this program as a neat way to get there. We’ll see how it goes! That’s it. Just boxing and push ups! I already have goals for the second month in mind, but I don’t wanna go into them yet. I don’t wanna overwhelm myself.

The homemade lunches are going so well. I alternate days, with T-Lo on MWF, and J on a T/TH schedule, due to his being at his dad’s house the other mornings. I have asked the teachers to send home the food so I can see what they eat and don’t eat (I think I told you that already). Well, the homemade yogurt with honey is T-Lo’s thing, but not J’s thing. Also, the leftover cold summer squash that was sauteed in bacon wasn’t eaten either. I don’t think I would have eaten it either. It was a poor choice, but I am learning. I feel all extra-maternal towards them when I’m doing this. I can’t explain. I’m packing the lunch with foods, but also lots of LOVE! I hope they taste that in there with the actual food.

I’m off to enjoy this weekend with my family. The weather is gorgeous here, so I’m thinking we’ll have some outdoor adventures this weekend! Geocaching? Hula hooping? Hopscotch? Stomp Rockets? It’s all up for grabs. Go grab some fun for yourself! Do it! NOW!!!


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