I’m Okay, You’re Okay

Well, you might be okay. I don’t really know. But I DO know that I’m okay. I had my colonoscopy yesterday morning and it came out perfectly normal, no polyps or anything! Huzzah! they did do a biopsy because there is another type of bowel disease that only shows up microscopically in the lining of the colon.

Let me break it down. The colonoscopy was absolutely painless! It’s true what they say: the worst part is the prep. Ugh. Gross and all that. I got there, they had me undress and put my clothes in a bag. Then a nurse comes in and puts the IV in. Well, in my case, the nurse comes in and pokes you 3 times and brings in the anesthesiologist. I am a notoriously hard “stick” and add to that being slightly dehydrated from no food or drink and the prep, and you have some pretty hard to find veins! Luckily I’m not squeamish in the slightest. I was chit-chatting away with them while they poked and prodded. Then they walk you to the procedure room and you lay down and they put a little oxygen thingy in your nose (kind of annoying yet refreshing at the same time!!) and start to push the sleepy meds into you. It’s a big syringe of stuff that looks like milk. This is how it went:

Doc:  (Pushing the meds)”This might burn a little bit. Oh, and can you lay on your left side?”

Me: “Sure” (I roll over) “Hey, that does sting a little…..”

Me…(opening my eyes in recovery room)

Nurse: “Oh, you’re awake!”

I swear to all that is holy it felt like 2 seconds went by!!! My heiney doesn’t hurt in the slightest either. I know all you colonoscopy noobs want to know. It was so easy. The staff was awesome and they run such an efficient office. So my message would be: Get your colon checked!!! Do it!!!

So my results were a relief to say the least. I can relax my diet some, although still staying primal of course. And I can sell those 3 books I bought on bowel disease! I do like to do my research.

I’ve been packing the boys’ lunches this week. Well, T-Lo brought lunch yesterday and J brought lunch today. I sent a note in with T-Lo asking that they leave the food in the containers to bring home so I can see what he eats and what he doesn’t. He ate almost everything yesterday. He left half of his cucumbers and some of the apple, but he ate them as soon as he got home. I think it’s a success! J had some roasted chicken leftovers, cucumber, yogurt with honey, and some cantaloupe. He will buy his drink there. They have juice and milk. We’ll see what he brings back.

Wanna know what I’m eating today?

-Coffee with honey and cream (yep, I had some coffee!)

-6 slices of bacon


-Potato and cheddar soup (from a crockpot cookbook)

-snacks will be string cheese, kombucha, and maybe some almonds or walnuts

-Lots o’ H2o and tea

There you have it. The Good: negative colonoscopy and good food, The Bad: uh….nothing!, and the Ugly: uh…again nothing!!


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